Shadd Miser

Work experience

Work experience
2012 - 2015

Self Employed

I have been doing odds and ends jobs for family and for neighbors including shoveling snow, raking leaves, mowing yards, and other miscellaneous work.    


2014 - 2018


Columbia City High Scool

Throughout my academic career I have obtained an A B average for all of my classes since elementary.  I am taking place in all honors classes that a freshman student is allowed to take place in and I am being encouraged to take AP courses next year. I plan to have an academic honors diploma by my graduation date. 



Public Speech

Always loving to talk to people I gained this skill making it much easier for me to work in  a  public field with a large amount of interaction with other people. This also gives me an edge in most presentations done in school. 

Basic Machinery control

I know how to operate large machinery including bobcats, forklifts, and skid loaders. Coming from the knowledge of this I also know how to make minor repairs on motors and fix a problem if needed. 

Basic Website Management 

Learning from Interactive Media I have the skills to create and manage a website with minimal design.

Basic Photoshop SKills

Learning from Commercial Photography in school I have a basic understanding and usage of Photoshop to enhance images and get rid of unwanted detail