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Android Development, Entity Framework
TV / Radio application for android under development
Scrum, Jira, Contour, TFS
Visual Basic, MySQL, ClearCase
C++, VC++, Win32, COM using ATL, MFC, VSS
Database (SQL Server)
Database design, development, procedures, query/index optimization, performance analysis, sql profiler, query analyzer
Web, TDD skills
HTTP Specification, CSS,HTML,JQuery, REST, JSON, SOAP, TDD, NUnit, MS-Test, FireBug   MVC, Razor,  Fiddler, WireShark,  Linq, WCF ( 3-4 Years)  
.NET Framework, C#, ASP.NET, WinForms, Subversion

Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Software Engineer

GCC Financial

Worked with a small team to develop a new system to replace the existing legacy applications used in GCC. Have analysed existing applications, interviewed users to understand the current bottlenecks, usability issues and the new features required. Created the requirement specification, designed and lead the development of a new system. 

The application suit, Myron, is ASP.NET MVC3 based desktop like web application which basically has two major purposes. One is to accept the automated loan application requests from various lead suppliers and feed that to the work flow system. The workflow system enables further processing of the loan application which  is handled by multiple departments.  The system architecture is based on REST protocol and uses JSON, JQuery, Javascript, Ajax and CSS extensively.

The major highlights of the system include handling highly concurrent traffic, a rich desktop like user interface as well as interoperating with telephone system.

Call Supervisor, the telephony part,  include a multithreaded telephony server which talks to the Asterisk PBX system to fetch real time data. It also includes multiple client applications such as Call Notifier and Agent Tracker as well as the Myron. 

The technologies used in the development include ASP.NET MVC 3, Razor, Mocha UI, Jquery, WCF, SQL 2008, MS-Test, Moq, Castle Windsor, Entity Framework, Windows Forms and Windows Service

Feb 2004Jun 2011



Played key role in the success of Honeywell Centraline system ( Started as the sole member in the development team when the product was started in 2004 which then has grown to more than 20 members over time. 

The complete CentraLine system includes CentraLine HVAC controllers, WinForm based commissioning tool COACH, ASP.NET based supervisor station Arena, application designer tool Segment Designer and Arena graphics Designer.  CentraLine received “2008 -European Building Technologies Company of the Year” award from Frost & Sullivan and CentraLine software suite was the major deciding factor.

Started with the gathering requirements from the marketing team in Germany, designed and released the first version in 2005. After the initial success of the product members were added to the team at different locations including Germany and Czech Republic. My responsibilities spanned across multiple areas including analysis of requirement,  communication between marketing, development and testing team, estimation, design, development, review, mentor as well moving the team to Agile practises later the project.

The specific activities included

  • Feasibility study of porting legacy Honeywell CARE software core (written in C++ with approximately one million lines of code) to use it from .NET applications.
  • Subsequently, porting the core to COM using ATL.
  • Architecture and design of the product with core team
  • Development of major components of the system including the Repository, business logic, model view based ASP.NET application framework (later moved to MVC), Ajax module,  majority of the COACH software, enhancement and quality fixes of CodeDom based Segment Designer.
  • Custom automation tool for testing the pluggable components generated by the Segment Designer
  • Documentation of the architecture and design of the CentraLine system using UML and Enterprise Architect
  • Study of Agile (Scrum) principles and later implementing Scrum methodology.
  • Educating the team about TDD way of development and incorporating TDD into the development.

The product  is being built using many technologies. The Web part of the product was created using ASP.NET Webforms and ported to MVC by end of 2010. Other technologies and practises used include .NET Framework (1.1 – 3.5), WinForms,  CodeDOM, SQL Server (2005, 2008),VC++, COM, LINQ, JQuery, Subversion, Profiler tools, NUnit, NDoc, JIRA, Contour, ClearCase, TFS, TDD andScrum.

Have received many (12) awards throughout  the  period and was awarded six sigma green belt.

Feb 2001Jan 2004

Software Engineer

  • Built a multithreaded Interactive Voice Response (IVR) dictation server for medical transcription using Intel /Brooktrout telephony cards and ECTF’s ( S100 standard. Technologies used include C++, Win32 (threading, ACM, WinInet),  Visual Basic, ADO, HL7 (MS), MS-SQL, MySql, ATL, HASP and RealComm/ CTMedia API, VSS.

Requirement analysis was done by studying the existing system in the market as well as interacting the with the end users. A framework similar to the MFC pattern was developed for abstracting the internal details of interacting with the telephony API .  The framework was extensively tested using sample clients before the actual system was developed. Other related products such as Easy Recorder and Easy Tester were also developed using the same framework.

The system is still the backbone of the company and structured similar to web farm.

  • Other application developed include Easy Print , Easy Transfer using technologies such as Win32, MFC and DCOM
Feb 2000Dec 2000

Software Engineer

Pinnacle Software
  • Developed windows based application, pinnHACCP, for food safety quality audit. The application creates the required document to pass the HACCP quality audit. It also helps the company to keep the HACCP information up to date. Technologies used include Win32, C++ and VB
  • Developed TAPI based IVR system for small organizations.


Aug 1995Jan 2000

Bachelor of Technology

Thompson Rivers University



More than ten years of software engineering experience across multiple industries including automation and control, healthcare, and short term loan lending. Experience in all phases of system development using different approaches such as CMMI and Agile. Uses Test driven development methodologies by embracing SOLID design principles. 


Android, BDD, ATDD, MSpec, Gherkin, StoryQ