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Professional Experience

Web Developer / UI Developer with 5 year experience in which one year was in abroad also. Have good under standing and experience about HTML5,  CSS3,  Bootstrap and Responsive Web Design concept. Worked on Wordpress,Code
Ignitor and Sharepoint environment.

Can easily co-ordinate with programmers who are expertise in PHP. .net Java etc. Also can handle back end programming in an intermediate level.

Work experience


Senior UI Developer


I have been working in Techmahindra as senior UI developer , for the British Telecom (DANTE)projects.

Project Dante will provide BT customers with the Dante Portal experience to provide a central layer to bring together the existing Sales & Support and ISP Portal websites and then act as the primary launch pad for all BT online digital services.

May 2015Oct 2015

UI Developer

Photon Infotech

In Photon I have worked on two projects which I was mainly deployed to assist the UI team.

One is a sharepoint project,which is an intranet site for a US based cosmetic company. I handled the UI issues based on client feedback and also handled issues based on tablet and print screen.I was directly reporting to the UI lead.

Second project is an android app, in which I handled certain UI issues based on tablet and also created several email templates based on client requirement.

Major technologies I used were HTML5 and CSS3

Sep 2013Nov 2014

Web Developer

International Information Technology Co. LLC (IITC)

As an IITC team member currently I am working on a number of projects all are for Oman ministry and Govt.The tool we use is VYRE a JSP frame work which is developed by a UK based company called Northplains.We have got training from them.Using this frame work we can create multiple sites and corresponding CMS . In Vyre,data is retrieved in the form of XML and we have to display the data using XSLT. All the projects has lot of jquery plugins,sliders,validation etc.All the sites are multi-lingual and seperate CSS has created. CMS is created in a way that a non-technical end user can also manage the site.

We have used lot of Jquery plugins and css frame work like Bootstrap for this projects.

Following are the sites currently under development:

This is a site for Oman,Ministry of Information.This site include general data about His Majesty The Sultan of Oman and also about over all Oman,which Includes Tourism,History,Culture,Latest News,Events etc.In the home page itself you can see weather,prayer time etc.I have done both HTML and developing of this SIte. Weather,Prayer,Inner page Jquery Sliders,CMS section for files etc are done by me.

This is a news website for Oman News Agency.It contains news form different section includes Local,Business,Arab etc.The Home page has Oil price graph,in which front end and CMS section has done by me.The site also has email subscription,e-commerce facilties.


This is the official website of Oman TV.It show case the programs of different categories,which user can navigate based on type,time,day,schedule,presenters etc.In this site I have worked a lot on programming section. Program categories in the home page,Today's highlight.Locale changer,Presenter listing and detail page,Program view page ,News Comment section all are handled by me.

Jul 2012Sep 2013

Web Developer

Cymosetech Solutions

Cymosetech Solutions was a firm which focus on Web applications,Android applications,Share point etc.They have developed Web applications for Tourism Industry,Medical firms etc.

My role was mainly to create User Interface for forms,data display,confirmation pages etc.Same time I have worked on programming task also.I have worked a lot on jquery related things in this projects.It has lot of jquery validations,ajax submitting etc.I have also took care of cross browser compatibility

My major projects her:


My role                       :        HTML Developing ,Jquery ,Email templating etc Framework                :        Codeignitor  


Twist is an internal web application developed for Wanderers tour operating company by Cymosetech Solutions.The application covers almost all office works of the company including client registration,itinerary generation,booking charts,voucher generation,payement,forex exchanges etc.

Apr 2010Feb 2012

Web Developer


iColorz was getting most of the projects from middle east countries and US.Our works start mainly from converting PSD to web page.From there we make it a complete web site/application. I worked on the role of web developer who do both html coding and programming.99% projects was of php coding,which uses wordpress CMS or a custom CMS created by the company itself ,which is based on MVC archiecture.My main responsibilities includes:

#Gather client requirement

#Creating site map

#Converting PSD to XHTML.

#W3C validation for HTML pages done by me and other team members.

#Crossbrowser testing.

#Wordpress integration

#Php Programming

#Custom CMS coding.

#Facebook apps

#Checking client feed back and work according to it.

Some of my works here are:

1. Saudi National Insurance Company(SNIC) 

My role                       :        HTML Developing and CMS integration using PHP

Database                   :         My Sql

URL                            :

2.One East Global

My role                      :        HTML Developing only 

URL                           :

3. Coleman & Ureda

My role                       :        HTML Developing and Wordpress integration

Database                   :         My Sql

URL                            :

4. Town building & Development

My role                       :        HTML Developing and Wordpress integration

Database                   :         My Sql

URL                            :

5.Tricounty Orthopaedics

My role                       :        HTML Developing and Wordpress integration

Database                   :        My Sql

URL                           :



Aug 2006Sep 2009

Bsc Computer Science(67%)

University Institute of Technology ,Pirappancode
Jun 2006

Higher Secondary Education,Science+Maths Stream(71%)

Muslim Higher Secondery School, Kaniyapuram
May 2004

Secondary School Leaving Certificate(83% marks)

Muslim Boys High School, Kaniyapuram


Girikumar D(Managing Director,Windsoft Computer Education)

Mobile : +91 9447016405 Office : 04702623534 Email : [email protected]

Shafeeq Rahman(Project Manager,Tamimah Telecom)

Phone:+968 99369401 Email:[email protected]



I am experienced in XHTML coding which keenly follows the W3c standard. I am also updating regularly with the HTML5  which is mainly for creating responsive web developement and mobile friendly web.

CSS 3 & Bootsrap

At the early period of my career  I regularly dealt with css2,and that made me easier to cope up with css3 and various frame works like bootstrap.

Responsive design & Mobile friendly design

I am very much enthusiastic to do mobile friendly web development. I am referring and studying my self the modern trends in responsive apps. As almost all HTML5 and CSS3 tags are familiar to me ,I am very much confident on this.


I am not a creative photoshp designer, But I have deep experience on PSD to HTML conversion. Thus I am familiar with the tools and slicing activities used by photoshop ,mainly for HTMLing

Angular JS

I am beginner in Angular JS. I am studying it through tutorials.


I have worked three web applications in codeignitior. I mainly worked on the view section.


Wordpress was the first CMS I learned. I am experienced in almost every thing in wordpress including plugin creation and R&D for new plugins.


I am an intermediate performer in Mysql. As I have dealt with php frameworks and CMS, its easy for me to pick up new things Mysql,whenever i need.


I have done PHP coding in several projects. Though I mainly deal with front end coding,I am very much used to php functions,structure,semantics etc many of my projects backend was php-mysql. Any time I can move with php.


I have intermediate skills on XSLT and XML. The recent projects I worked was using a frame work called Vyre. In that,data was fetched in XML format and it is displayed through XSLT. I have worked on  a number of website on this  method.

C and C++

I I have the basics of C and C++,which I studied in college.


I am experienced in Jquery validations,animations and lot of jquery plugins .


Same as Jquery


I have faced lot of situations to deal with Ajax based form submission and data fetching.I am interested in doing R&D in Ajax.


Mar 2010Present

Certificate in Web designing

C-DIT Kerala

Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) is a unique organization working in the area of convergence and beyond of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Content development and dissemination in multi-media formats. 

Apr 2010Present

Certificate in PHP Programming

Windsoft Computer Education

Windsoft software development promotes live project development and has number of ongoing projects under construction. Various websites that is constructed and established by Windsoft is ranked number one.

Career Objective:

To secure a challenging position where I can effectively contribute my skills as Web developer. I want to move along with modern front end developing and UI / UX trends. Same time like to preserve my knowledge acquired about back end programming.

Personal Profile:

Name   Shabasy Salim
Father’s Name   M.A. Salim
Sex    Male
Marital Status     Single
Nationality   Indian
Hobbies     Movies,Reading,Browsing Internet,Making new friends
Permanent Address  



Avanavanchery P.O



Mobile                                     +91 7022355615
Date of Birth   20-12-1988
Declaration I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above-mentioned particulars.