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I would like you know that success in this course is of utmost importance to me, as I am pursuing an English major. I learned of my deep-seeded interest in the value of words while attending a creative writing class in my senior year at Skyline High School. My teacher would always say that the stories I wrote were entertaining and had a way of displaying an immaculate level of detail without actually expressing, which she claimed wasn’t existent in some of her third year students, and I was on my first year.

If there was a piece of essential information that I would say you should know it’s that English is the most interesting subject to me.

My strengths are that I am extremely motivated to complete any tasks that are put in front of me in a timely manner, when I set a goal for myself my primary focus becomes completing those goals as quickly and efficiently as I possibly can.

Currently I would say that my weaknesses are that I have a tendency to forget things easily and I occasionally lose track of time causing me to miss important dates and presumably the things that I have prioritized for the week.

Work experience


Council Representative

March for Babies

I was able to meet with the people who organized the Virginia Chapter walks, and was able to build my experience in a professional setting.


Ambassador Child

March for Babies

I was a spokesperson and essentially the face of the March for Babies Virginia Chapter. I was able to gain experience speaking in front of larger crowds and thus build my public speaking skills.



Advanced Diploma

Skyline High School

I started high school in 8th grade due to the middle school being rebuilt. I always made it a priority to exceed in whatever situation was in front of me. With the hard work I put in I was able to graduate with an advanced diploma which included a civics, honors, and technical seal.