I'm responsible when it comes to video productions, you might call me very serious about it though. if you ask people I work with making videos that know how to make videos (not the inexperienced people) I expect them to be just as serious as me, and unfortunately they're not, and cause problems. I'm trying to get things done and they don't want to, and talk all the time. It really gets under my skin! I love what I do, and try not to be so 

Personal Initiative

Before I sart you should know that before I came to Year I Productions I had a lot of video editing experience and general know how of video productions. I also had taken a class the year before. Now with that you can probably tell I'm the editor, the guy who's behind the camera, telling others what to do. I don't like acting, but will do it if needed. That's outside my comfort zone, I'm as you say camera shy. I love working with special effects and working with technology its very interesting to me. I also like to work on my own, to many people leads to problems, and I get sick when there's problems. If you need technical know how just ask me, or you could just pay someone to do it.

Best Work

My best work from this year is probably a project I directed and edited in english, advertising a made up product, it was called Rock Hard Bod.  and it was probably my favorite project. It's honestly not to my standards but it's one of my best works. Another one my projects was a news bit I did to show a haunted house my church was doing to the school. I guess it worked because a lot of people from my school showed up. Here's a link to the video. It was confusing to make considering it was my first news bit, but I got it done. Unfortunately I had to cut up parts to shorten down everything for the required information and I couldn't find pictures of last years fear factory to fill in the cuts. My last piece of work is a short five minute movie called Desaturated that we made for my first year at Wylie East Video Productions. It was a pain to make, and write. We were asked on the spot to make a script, and none of us had anytime to think of  anything good. I don't have a link to it, but it was ok in the end. Our director couldn't attend due to other school things and I had to direct. We didn't get enough footage for our final product so I had to completely rewrite the script. Well thats my best work, I hope you enjoy the available videos and I'll try to put a link up to the final product of Desaturated through youtube.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2010 - Present

Tristen Rouse

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