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I was born in Çankırı in 26th January 1992. After a good ranking in 2010 LYS exam, i have consciously decided that Industrial Engineering education in Bilkent will give much opportunities of good carreer in the future. In Bilkent, I have improved my both academic and social skills by getting involved in university clubs and sport activities. I have completed 2  qualified internships and get experince before getting started in business. 

Work experience

Oct 2014Jul 2015

Senior Project

Security Startup Company

We have worked together, in agroup of 6, and built a startup company named by "Vigilant Technologies". We have designed our first product "InSight" which is able to meet the need of secure and surveillance home inside at a sensible level. 

Jul 2014Sep 2014

Sales Project Intern


We have aimed to increase the profitibility of “Ekom Customers” with a group of 5. All reformed solutions is presented to Sales Managers and RTM planning is also added to project.

Jul 2014Sep 2014

Production Planning Intern


Educated and observed about how prodution is performed in ERDEMİR from beginning till to the end and presented any of contributions to the production.

Sep 2011Aug 2012

Bilkent Young Entrepreneurs Club-Branch Subgroup

Bilkent Young Entrepreneurs Club-Branch Subgroup
Organizer One year leadership of Only Elevator Pitch Organization which is reported by Prime Ministry Investment Agency as an exemplary, December 2012(Ankara Start-Up Summits) Languages


Sep 2010Jun 2015

B.S. Industrial Engineering

Bilkent University
  • Ranked 2000 in YGS-LYS exam in 2010
  • Full Scholarship of B.S. Industrial Engineering in Bilkent University
  • 3.16/4 graduation grade
  • 73/100 in YDS exam


  • Advanced level of:  Microsoft Office Applications, Xpress Solver, Matlab, MS PRoject 
  • Intermediate level of: Arena, Java, R, SQL-Access, SolidWorks


"Beynin Etkili Kullanımı" and "Kişilerarası İletişim"

bilkent pdgm

4 Certificates from Bilkent PDGM team of specialist in psychology - Interpersonal Communication, Time Management, Effective Working of Mind in Learning, Concentration and Working Skill

May 2015Jul 2015

SAP Beginning Certificate

Vektora Bilişim

2 months of beginning education of SAP programme which is widely used in an integrated way in many corporate companies worldwide. 

Jul 2011Jul 2012

Bilkent Young Entrepreneurs Club-Branch Subgroup

Bilkent university

3 months responsibility of Bilkent Young Entrepreneur- Branch Subgroup