Equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and an in-house laboratory, Sexton Dental Clinic provides quick service in a comfortable environment. When patients first walk into the Florence, South Carolina, office, they take a ticket and relax in the spacious waiting area until their number is called. Categorized by service, the ticketing system ensures patients receive prompt, informed attention. Appointed with televisions, phones, and vending machines, the waiting section at Sexton Dental Clinic sets the tone for a relaxed visit. Each surgery room at Sexton Dental Clinic has its own computer system with a screen positioned in the patient's sightline. This allows the doctor to fully explain the treatment plan and efficiently share X-rays, all from the convenience of one spot. Since the staff at Sexton Dental Clinic does not need to send their labwork to an external laboratory, they are able to expedite the manufacturing process, completing denture work in just one day. Sexton Dental Clinic offers a complete line of dentures, with options for every budget. The basic denture, which starts at $90 per arch, is both stable and affordable. The characterized denture, cosmetically pleasing and cost-efficient, runs from $125 per arch. The signature denture, the finest option available at Sexton Dental Clinic, ensures a durable smile that will not stain or chip. Providing a chance to see the dentures before they are fit, Sexton Dental Clinic can also create a wax model that is essentially a reconstruction of a patient's new smile. Ideal for individuals who only wish to replace a few teeth, the partial dentures at Sexton Dental Clinic serve as a smart choice for smile improvement. In addition to providing dentures and maintenance work, Sexton Dental Clinic offers cleanings, crown and bridgework, and cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening trays and Lumineers by Cerinate. Patients can finance their procedures through Care Credit, a monthly payment plan, or through insurance reimbursement. For more information about services and costs, call Sexton Dental Clinic at 800-922-6303.

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