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I intend to be a business major and after graduating from college hope to get a job in the marketing field.


Tennis: Playing tennis is a hobby of mine. I played all four years of my high school career and won a championship my senior year. I did not decide to play for my college and instead continue to play in my spare time.

Travel: Traveling is an interest of mine. I plan to study abroad somewhere in Europe my junior year. I also would not mind traveling internationally for my job later on because I think it would be great to work with all kinds of people and to see how other countries around the world operate their businesses. 


I am currently a college student taking classes to enhance my background in business. Organization and time management are among my top strengths. At times I can be a bit anxious, but that is only because I want to be sure my work is well done. I am a dependable person who always puts in one-hundred percent of my effort. I am looking to pursue a career in business. Specifically, I would like to specialize in marketing. What makes me different from my peers is that I have a personality with a good mix of traits. Not only am I outgoing and friendly, but I am focused, driven, and reliable. 


Sep 2005Jun 2009

Middletown High School

Work experience

May 2007Present

Food Runner

Johnny's Atlantic Beach Club

At Johnny's Atlantic Beach Club the waitresses depended on me to get the food to their customers in a timely fashion. If there was an issue with their meal or what the customers ordered I would have to tend to it right away. Working at this job for three years taught me that the customers always come first. In order to keep a business running in a successful manner the employees must make sure to always satisfy the customer.


Student Council - I was treasurer of my class for all four years of my high school career. The members of the student council worked to better our school. We helped implement changes, planned events for the student body, and raised money for our class.     National Honor Society - As a member of this organization, I worked to help raise money for charities and to help those in need. We planned a variety of events to raise money and did several donations to help collect food and clothing. We were looked at as the leaders of the school.    Being a part of Student Council and the National Honor Society taught me what leadership was all about. Being a leader means standing up, taking role, helping others, and having the willpower to want to accomplish something. 
During my junior year of high school I did a teaching internship. After numerous weeks of observing and studying the ways of the teacher I was working with, I eventually took over her class and began to teach the students with her assistance. Creating lesson plans, researching different learning styles, and interacting with the students really helped me to develop the skill of communication. I was able to learn how people see things from different viewpoints and to get through to them you have to use the right method of communication. 
I took three years of French in high school and am continuing to study the language in college. I plan to be semi-fluent in French by the time I graduate from college.
Computer Knowledge
Powerpoint and Excel


Anita DeLima

Elaine Holder