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Seth Resler: Communications Strategist

Innovative, creative marketing and media professional, with fifteen years of proven success in online, event, social media, direct mail, email, print, pay per click, search engine optimization and acquisition marketing. Expertise in the design and implementation of comprehensive marketing campaigns using WordPress, Facebook, GoogleAds, Twitter, email databases, text messaging, blog outreach, viral videos and other online tools.  Metrics-driven, with experience using Google Analytics, A/B testing and usability testing. Producer of over two hundred events for including concerts, expos, business conferences, competitions and social gatherings for marquee clients such as CBS Radio, Anheuser-Busch, Red Bull, Entercom, Universal Records, Corona, the Twin River Casino and more.  Twelve years of experience at media outlets in major markets, including New York, Boston, Seattle, St. Louis, and Providence. Accomplished entrepreneur and creative force behind the launch of two successful companies.

  • Staff Management: Hired, directed & trained staff of up to 200.
  • Lead Acquisition: Building inbound lead generation systems.
  • Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Text Messaging, Podcasting, Blogging, Email Databases, Viral Videos, Social Bookmarking.
  • Direct Marketing: Print & mail campaigns.
  • Pay Per Click Advertising: Oversee keyword-targeted online campaigns.
  • Analytics: Devise & execute tests to maximize online results, including A/B testing and usability testing.
  • Event Marketing: Produced over 200 events, including concerts, B2B conferences, trade shows, & competitions.
  • Inbound Marketing: Content creation, overseeing search engine optimization and pay per click strategy
  • Public Relations: Develop strategic media partnerships, writing press releases, conducting blog outreach.
  • Media Buying: Ratings and rate analysis for television, radio, & print mediums.
  • Writing: Press Releases, Business Plans, Grant Proposals, Commercial Copy, & Blogs.
  • Public Speaking: Eighteen years of public speaking, including twelve on the air at major broadcast outlets.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Developed strategic marketing relationships with co-op organizations.
  • Accounting: Freshbooks,QuickBooks, Quicken, Excel.

Work experience

May 2010Jan 2012

Communications Specialist


  • Architect of the company's online marketing strategy, incorporating Wordpress, PPC, SEO, email, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, Google Analytics and more.
  • Set up the CRM database to capture, measure and analyze lead acquisition data.
  • Conducted multiple forms of market research, including focus groups, website usability testing, A/B testing and more.
  • Reviewed and executed traditional media buys, including radio, print and event sponsorship.
  • Produced the company’s two largest lead generation events.
Sep 2009May 2010

Marketing Campaign Manager

Linkage, Inc.
  • Increased lead acquisition by 300% by implementing a shift from a conventional outbound marketing strategy to a content-driven inbound strategy.
  • Architect of the company's B2B social media strategy, incorporating email, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, LinkedIn, mobile applications, webinars, podcasts and more.
  • Collaborated with the sales team to measure the conversion rate of various lead generation efforts.
  • Implemented the company’s first pay-per-click campaigns on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Served as specialist in the marketing of the company’s four annual internationally attended B2B conferences using online video production vendors and mobile app developers.
  • Partnered with print and mail vendors to implement a content-driven print marketing strategy.
  • Trained other employees on the use of social media
Feb 2007Sep 2009

Founder / Marketing Specialist

41st Latitude, Inc. d/b/a

Seth Resler founded, combining arts and entertainment event production with the power of social media marketing.  He handles all aspects of event production, including budgeting, website development, graphic design, vendor booking, sales, marketing and execution.  He also handles the day-to-day operations, including accounting and legalities.

Seth has produced over 200 events, including the New England Nightclub and Bar Expo, the Rhode Island Comedy Quest, the World of Flavors Competition, the DiscoverYou: Holistic & Wellness Expo, the Iron Bartender Competition and more.  He promotes each event through a comprehensive marketing campaign using a combination of traditional and new media techniques.  The social media aspects of the campaigns employ a variety of tools, such as email databases, text messaging, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, GoogleAds and more.

Seth's services have been enlisted by marquee clients including Anheuser-Busch, Corona, Bacardi, MS Walker, Twin River Casino, Universal Records, LiveNation, Rhode Island Distributing, Horizon Distributing and more.  Seth was recognized for his cultural contribution to the city of Providence with a Citizen Citation from Mayor David Cicilline.

Nov 2007Mar 2008

On Air Personality

CBS: 92.3 K-Rock (WXRK)

Seth briefly returned to the airwaves largest market in the country to broadcast from the Howard Stern studio, where he connected with the 25-54 male demographic in the nation's largest market.  Hear Seth's aircheck.

Sep 2006May 2007


One-Eyed Man Films, LLC

In 2003, the House Majority Leader orchestrated a covert campaign to hijack the nation's government by redrawing political district lines.  Few people know the story, but it impacts every American.

With a degree from Brown University in Political Science and a strong interest in politics, Seth left his radio career to make a documentary film on gerrymandering.  Over the next year, he spent his time writing grant proposals, researching and conducting preliminary interviews throughout Texas and Washington, DC.  In the process, Seth uncovered shocking evidence of electoral racism and the political packing of the Justice Department that the mainstream press would not discover for another year.  See the trailer.

He enlisted the support of numerous grassroots organizations and political advocacy groups in his efforts.  In 2007, Seth sold his portion of the film company to his partner, as his new marketing venture,, began to grow.

May 2003May 2006

WBRU Program Director

Brown Broadcasting

In 2003, Seth returned to his alma matter to take the reigns of the programming division.  He was tasked with targeting the key 18-34 demographic.  He quickly implemented a host of practices that breathed new life into the radio station and the entire state of Rhode Island: producing the Cheap Date concert series, which helped launch the careers of future superstars including The Killers, Muse, Yellowcard and the Dropkick Murphys; reviving the city's legendary local band competition; developing local comic talent with the Cheap Laughs comedy series; and booking Providence's infamous Summer Concert Series.

Seth used music, air talents and unique promotions to achieve ratings success.  He built strategic alliances with television and print partners.  He developed deep relationships with record labels, management companies and other players in the music industry.

Seth's tenure at WBRU culminated with an April Fool's Day joke in 2007.  The station pretended it had been sold to a major corporation and flipped formats to "Buddy FM" (after the city's most notorious mayor).  Internet message boards, MySpace and Wikipedia were orchestrated to fuel the rumors.  Seth enlisted celebrities like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones' Dicky Barrett called in to reminisce about the station.  After a day of the new format, the disc jockeys staged a revolt and retook the station.  The prank created such a statewide sensation, with local television and print outlets covering the story.  Hear Buddy FM audio.

During Seth's tenure, WBRU scored record high ratings against rival WHJY, defeated competitor WFNX and was named one of the Top 20 Alternative Rock stations in the country by Radio and Records magazine.  Read FMQB interview with Seth.

Oct 2001Mar 2003

KNDD Music Director

Seth returned to the West Coast to become the Music Director of the legendary rock station The End.  Here, he oversaw the playlist of the groundbreaking radio station and was an occasional air talent.  Hear Seth's aircheck from Seattle.

May 2000Oct 2001

WBCN Assistant Music Director

Seth cut his teeth at Boston's legendary rock station, where he executed the programming and promotional strategies to connect with the 18-34 demographic.

Jul 1999Apr 2000

KPNT Imaging Director

Seth launched his post-graduate radio career on the banks of the Mississippi, where he created the stations imaging campaigns.  Hear Seth's production demo.

Marketing Portfolio

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