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I would like to get the Foreman position for the Plymouth Parks Department, because I could make the park a better and safer place for our community.

I know I am an outstanding choice for Foreman for the Plymouth Parks Department. I know this because I am a born leader and I have been a leader for almost every project I have been in and in every project we have been successful. I am also in a lot of sports so I’m not afraid to get down and dirty to work.  

Work experience

Jan 2010Apr 2016


Working for my parents

Doing Chores around there house

Mar 2011Apr 2016

2011- Present 


 I babysit my mother's friend's baby during my brothers baseball games.



First United Methodist Church Pre-School

 I went to preschool here for 1 year, then I took a break off of school and went back into  kindergarden


Washington Discovery Academy

I went here for 5 years as a kindergartener, first grader, second grader, third grader, and a fourth grader. 

 2014- Present

 Riverside Intermediate School

 I started going here in fifth grade and I am still attending Riverside Intermediate School. I have won a leader award, most fit kid award, discipline award, been chosen for student council, and I made the basketball team.


Good with my hands

 I am good with my hands and can do almost any job I am told, I'm also not scared to get down and dirty.


 I have been in the top math classes in my school since second grade.


I have been the leader in almost every project I have been in and almost everyone of my projects have been successful. 

 Working Hard

  I work hard and do my best at everything I do.

Community Involvement/Volunteer Work

 I have supported the Autism Walk, M.D.A Walk, and I have helped raise money for Relay for Life. My volunteer work includes volunteering at earth works,  Ancilla College, and The Word of Truth Church. I have also volunteered at a chicken sale to help raise money for Lincoln Junior High Choir. I have volunteered for the Plymouth Athletic Booster Club by working in the concessions. 


 Princessa Dee Mills 1 574-327-0614

Zane Cooper 1 574-933-3936