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         As a  young professional I have been able to gain quite extensive interaction and experience for my age, in teaching and ministering to young adults, specifically university students. Having been in Student Leadership and at Liberty University for 7 years has given me key skills and opportunities to grow my strengths and learn how to lead in an ever changing environment. My two internships, have helped grow competency in areas of leadership, teaching, and organization. Traveling abroad to 38 different countries, helped me develop a balanced approach to life and appreciation of others's worldviews. These experiences taught me to depend upon myself and problem solve in the midst of circumstances where I did not speak the language or have local connections. I know I can add unique value to your instituition.



Graduate Student Assistant, Senior  

Liberty University: School of divinity
  • Assistant to Professor Gnanakan and head of his G.A. team. Duties included grading over 1000 essays and research papers per semester, organizing class groups for presentations, responding to student inquiries, as well as facilitating all aspects of a class wide trip to various religious sites in Washington D.C.
    • Administration, leadership, instruction, scheduling, as well as generic office tasks.

Resident Assistent

Liberty University 

Co-lead and independently lead (different years) a team that oversaw the administration, discipline, and spiritual development in a college dormitory of 70 students.

  • Teaching, Discipleship, Administration, Discipline, Organization, Delegation, Event Planning

Young Adult Minister Intern

Park Valley Church

Started a Young Adult ministry (college to 30 yrs old) from the ground up. Lead a community group every week with an emphasis on teaching & spiritual development. Also lead another weekly outreach event focusing on engagement with non-christians. 


Spiritual Life Coach

Liberty University

Co-lead a team on a dormitory that oversaw the spiritual development of 70 students.


Youth Ministry Intern

First Baptist Charlotte

Learnt the in's and out's of Youth Ministry. Handled various administrative tasks, planned summer events, and had opportunities to teach and minister.


Aug 2015Present

Masters in Philosophy and Apologetics (Expected May 2018)

Liberty University
  • Education in the history of philosophy, world religions, and Christian theology.
    • Thesis: The Significance of the Trinity for the Problem of Evil.

B.S. in Biblical Studies

Liberty U.
  • Proficiency in theology and Biblical investigation.

B.S. In Biblical Studies

Liberty U.
  • Proficiency in communication & preaching, teaching, and planning.

Minor in Global Studies

Liberty U.
  • Proficiency in cultural & world view studies. 

Relevant Coursework

Graduate (sampling)

  • PHIL 605 The Existence of God
  • PHIL 555 Modern Philosophy 
  • PHIL 579 Eastern Philosophies  
  • APOL 697  Seminar: Evil, Hell & Suffering 
  • APOL 697  Seminar:  Apologetics to Islam
  • APOL 697 Seminar: UK Trip
  • APOL 500  Introduction to Apologetics
  • APOL 525 Pluralism and World Religions
  • DSMN 520 Spiritual Formation

Undergraduate (sampling) 

  • YOUT 448  Contemporary Youth Communications
  • YOUT 460  Programs for Youth Ministry
  • YOUT 350 Campus Ministry
  • YOUT 447 Contemporary Youth Communications
  • YOUT 447 Discipleship in Youth Min
  • CHMN 450 Leadership & Management in Min
  • PLED 350 Pastoral Duties
  • ALOM 320 Prog Adv Leadership & Outdoor Min
  • GLST431  Introduction to Islam
  • GLST 385 Career Prep Global Work
  • ICST 421 Roman Catholicism
  • ICST 485 Jungle Camp (Tribal Missions)
  • CHHI 302  History of the Christian Church
  • THEO 350 Theological Issues
  • BIBL 350 Inductive Bible Study
  • BIBL 323 John
  • BIBL 364 Acts
  • BIBL 425 Romans
  • BIBL 410 Genesis
  • BIBL 473 Old Testament Backgrounds
  • BIBL 480 Hermeneutics 
  • BIBL 434 Isreal Tour
  • BIBL 497 Seminar: LOGOS
  • GREK 201 Greek Grammar 

Strengths and Skills

  • Teaching/ Teachable - Experience in teaching, and always looking to learn
  • Personable - Highly relational, invests in relationships
  • Intentional - using everything to its maximum potential to invest meaning into an opportunity
  • Well Cultured - Appreciation and investment in other cultures
  • Determined - Aiming to always push my limits and see what I can accomplish


2015 - ParK Valley Church ,  Haymarket Va - Youth volunteer, lead a high school group weekly, helped at summer camp and events

2014 - Daily Bread, Lynchburg Va - Server, Kitchen Staff

2010-14 - Blue Ridge Community Church, Lynchburg Va - Video team , Middle school Ministry (lead and mentored middle school students)

Conferences Attended

2013 The Gospel Coalition 2013 Annual Conference - Theology 

2012 The Elephant Room Roundtable Conference - Tough Topics to address


           In my off time I enjoy: woodworking, surfing, playing with my girlfriends dog, listening to podcasts, as well as exploring the world through backpacking.