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Seth Burt

Resume for MAU Safety Team Member


The position that is currently open and being inquired on by myself is a job that I feel like I have a sufficient and strong handle on already with knowing the environment and with that the knowledge of every job that a MAU forklift operator is needed on and the processes and responsibilities that are needed to successfully run those respected jobs. I already have had more then my fair share of opportunities to pass my knowledge of a job to a new hire that is brought in to learn that position, and almost every person that I have been given the opportunity to train is still within our company, and notably quite a few have been trained by me on repeat occasions on other jobs so that they too have the chance to grow and become a even more valuable employee with this company and some have already been able to successfully train a new hire and can now feel like they too have that ability to continually keep making this company a stronger and more efficient family

Work experience

December 27 2015Present

Crew Relief Forklift Operator

MAU - Michelin

Crew Relief drivers use their knowledge of processes and overall abilities to fill in and perform with success in areas where a delivery driver is needed to provide a constant flow of needed material in any said area that may not have proper coverage that shift or until coverage arrives to assume responsibility of the assigned area. Also Crew Relief drivers have the responsibility of providing assistance and support in a area where it is needed to minimize downtime and to help take the stress of getting behind and struggling to keep up from the driver assigned to that specific area to help keep team work and moral positive amongst team members. 


Kimura Logistics - Magna Drive

* receive passdown from the day Crew team lead concerning issues during the shift and current statuses of any on going issues that are still trying to solved

* Begin checking with customer team leads about things that need to be taken care of incase it has to be shipped ahead of schedule 

* Answer the radio any time you are called professionally and if there is a issue talk with the forklift operator that is responsible for that area,  talk to them and see how the issue can be fixed and oversee that it is taken care of

*  Assist anyone who needs help and keep a constant check on all drivers periodically to help lower the chance of losing production due to driver related down time

* Check in with your supervisor on a normal basis during the night to discuss issues that are out of your hands and need to be addressed by the supervisor 

* At shift change give your passdown to the lead taking over on the floor and inform them off issues that they need to keep a watch on

January 2015 until December of 2015

( voluntary leave for better job)


Ingles Market (Belton, SC)

* On the nights that the order for the grocery department comes in to be stocked and inventoried, separate all the pallets so that the pallets are condensed for what aisle they are for to speed up and make the process of stocking the shelves easier 

* After finishing condensing and separating pallets assign each stocker a aisle that they are responsible for stocking and ordering for once they finished stocking it

* Before finishing up the night and leaving, sweep the back room where backstock is kept and clean up around as well as underneath the backstock storage racks

* Before the store opens to the public the grocery manager and assistant grocery manager must check behind the orders that were placed by the stockers to ensure the store would be receiving a sufficient order to keep the shelves full until the next truck

December 2012 until August of 2014

( voluntary leave for better job)



High School

Palmetto High

Last grade completed 11th

Aquired GED between May and June of 2009


Communication and support

I make it a priority for me to personally  ensure all communication from our customer reaches the  intended person that it is intended to be given to and address the situation if that is the case with a professionally correct attitude  and offer the given person hints or tips on what they can try to do that could possibly make things easier for them. And in the situation that the individual grasps information easier from being able to watch someone do it a couple rather then simply just hearing it ill have them stand off so that they can show them the method I was referring to so that they can gain that knowledge the way they learn the best

Skills and Abilities

To the postion that I'm inquiring  for MAU at  the Michelin US1 facility i possess the ability to quickly process and learn the responsibilities for a job or position I was given to train on, i was offered  opportunities to cross train on new jobs and after taking advantage of those opportunities i found myself comfortable with my overall capability to self train myself on jobs using the knowledge and confidence i was able to gain from each job position I've learnt up until then, which did help to make it  a little easier for someone to train me and successfully keep their job running without getting backed up and behind. By gaining the knowledge of every job position and grasping the firm understanding on how each and every job that requires a delivery driver to operate has made it possible that no matter what job a new hire is getting hired  to train on  I'm going to allways able to train them and give them whatever support and guidance they may need and help them to successfully learn that job so that they feel like a success no matter what question they have or help they may need they know without a doubt I'm there for them

Custom dated section

January 3, 2017