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LINC Homestudy Facilitator

Benchmark Levels 1-6

Toronto Centre for Education and Training LINC Homestudy

ESL Facilitator

Benchmarks 1-7

Workplace Language Instruction

London District Catholic School Board

Content Development


Curriculum Development

Food and Beverage ESL Workplace Training

Content Develoment

Online tutorials, workshop handouts and . . .

Coaching and Public Speaking

Workshops on Web 2.0 implementation for educators.


Client needs assessment and application recomendations


LINC Homestudy Facilitator

Toronto Centre for Education and Training

Online ESL instructor for benchmark levels 2 - 6

Focus on collaborative and communicative learning.

ESL facilitator for Canadian Language Benchmarks 1 -8

London Catholic District School Board.Nine weeks modules with emphasis on task based learning (TDCSB curriculum). Specialized Workplace Language Training - Hospitality

London District Catholic School BoardDeveloped curriculum for a five week intensive training program designed to help newcomers transition into theworkplace. Focus on listening, speaking, pronunciation andvocabulary acquisition. Workshop facilitator for Web 2.0 Classroom Implementation.Clients include The London District Catholic School Board, The Toronto Centre for Education and Training, and Job Search Strategies

This year's workshops included topics such as collaborative documents, social networking in the classroom, creating a classroom Wiki, virtual teaching environments and e-portfolios.


Demystifying the cloud! Creating relevant and collaborative learning spaces for students and teachers alike.


I teach online and in the classroom and my background includes both content and curriculum development. I enjoy  sharing with  my fellow educators the wonders of "The Cloud" . Through various workshops I have lead I  discovered that the backlash to Tech Ed  frequently found  in faculties everywhere is based on a fundamental lack of information. The model of online education  developed in th 90's seems to be the perceived practice of modern day distance education. The old model of read and regurgitate still exits in many schools, however it is rapidly being replaced by vibrant and exciting learning  environments which focus on collaboration rather than regurgitation.  Educators are astounded by what is currently available online. These workshops often elicit audible gasps, heads shaking with disbelief and statements such as "why didn't I know about this before?"  Some of my favourite tools for classroom collaboration:

  • Google Docs and Zoho
  • Wikis and Blogs
  • Immersive Environments such as Second Life and Multiverse
  • Voicethreads
  • Facebook 
  • Flickr
  • Podcasting
  • LMS such as Moodle and RCampus

Not all tools can be used for all things, the old saying "just because you can doesn't mean you should" still applies. The learning curve of the above tools (with the exception of Second Life and Moodle) is relatively low and consequently some users try to fly before they can walk.  My job is to make the implementation of Web 2.0 tools smoother and easier for educational, corporate and non-profit clients.