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ü9 years working at food, beverages, packaging and logistics industries.

üMulti-function team manager, focus on results and ability to solve problems.

üMotivate, manage and lead teams, negotiation skills and global perspective.

üBlack and Green belts, Sponsor and Kaizen Leaders coaching and training.

üManage implementation and execution of LSS Projects, savings higher than US$500.000/year.

üQuality methodology and tools: PDCA, DMAIC, FMEA, VSM, QFD, Kanban, 5S’s, Lean and Six Sigma.

üConsulting experience in: Training, projects development, total quality, lean and six sigma.

Main Performances

I have been working as a Lean Six Sigma black belt for more than two years and I have worked on strategic projects focus on transactional areas (logistics, sales, marketing, purchase, production and financial), to a structured costs reduction and finding out new opportunities focus on sustainability.

I keep a strong relationship with O-I Brazil Directors looking for opportunities and helping them in Lean Six Sigma methodology, also I have a nice relationship with the Lean Six Sigma team in Latin America, Europe and USA (O-I Head-Office) to benchmarking and share experiences.

As a consultant to Lean Horizons, I give training in Lean Methodology and quality tools to Companies and also I have been coaching projects in many areas.

International Experience

Quantitative analyses of Sales, Costs and Profit Models – Latin America: September – October 2.009.

LSS Project: Mathematical Model to Sales Forecasting – USA and Latin America: July - September 2.009.

SIP Planning and Sales Forecast System – Colombia and Brazil: May – September 2.009.

LSS Project: NPD – New Products Development – Peru: July – August 2.008.

LSS Training: Lean Six Sigma Black Belt – Venezuela: August 2.007 – December 2.007.

Bar Code and RFID Project – Colombia, Venezuela and Brazil: August 2.005 – August 2.006.



Portuguese: Native

English: Great skill in communicating, reading and writing

Spanish: Able to communicate and read

Computer Skills

Windows, Office, Internet, AutoCad, SAP/R3-Warehouse, SisCorp, JDEdwards, DCLink, Minitab, Notes.


üDecision Making and Quantitative Risk Analyses @Risk – Palisade Corporation.

üMBA: Pathways to leadership – Pathways to leadership Inc.

üManagers Development – Conexão Gerencial – Golden Connection.

üISO 9.000, ISO14.001, OHSAS 18.001 and Internal Audit – EFEI / Atos Consulting.

üTQC – Total Quality Control: Tools and Application / Six Sigma’s – Methodology and Application.

Others Projects

Decision making and Quantitative Risk Analysis – @Risk - Palisade.

New product development process.

Transactional process improvement – Sales and supply chain integration.

Release Finish good process.

Reverse logistics to pallet material.

Light station efficiency in production line – SP and RJ plants.

Manufacturing costs accounting.

Zero Accident: Accident level reduction in plants.

Production, sales and purchase process improvement – Tableware closures.

Purchase order process improvement.

Improvement in Financial Forecast Process

Finish good inventory optimization.

Reduction energy in cooler system at furnaces.

Increase of production line efficiency.

Improve the surface treatment in bottles.

Maintenance activities analysis – Over time reduction.

Receivables account activities analyses.

Integrate system implementation: SisCorp – SAP Warehouse.

ABC Methodology: Activities Based on Cost.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt / Process Manager / Consultant


Work experience

Aug 2005Present

OWENS ILLINOIS DO BRASIL IND. E COM. S.A. – Worldwide Leader in Glass Containers.

Aug. 2.007 – Actual:Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.

Roles: Lean six sigma projects manager with multi-function teams. Lean six sigma’s program management.

Main LSS Projects:- Demand Management: Improvement the demand management process.

- Mathematical model to Sales Forecasting.

- Life Cycle Products Management: Study and decision making.

- Tableware’s Freight: change from trucks to ship.

- Sales Forecasting Accuracy and his business impact

- DDG Value Innovation Process. Improve the new products development process.

Mar. 2.006 - Aug. 2.007: Logistics Tableware Coordinator.

Roles: Storage, shipment and package tableware. Finish good inventory management. Team 120 people.

Main Lean Projects:- Packaging Material standardization – Working capital and costs reduction.

- Visual Factoring: Key metrics definition and improvement process.

- Work activities rationalization – Logistics, shipment, invoice and packaging.

- Inventory Kanban in picking area – Improved productivity in 30%.

- Shipment Schedule. Reduce time from 320 to 120 minutes.

Aug. 2.005 - Mar. 2.006:Project Manager – Bar Code and RFID Project.

Roles: Management inventory finish goods system with Radio-frequency and bar code in SP and RJ Plant.

Jan 2005May 2005

ALL – AMÉRICA LATINA LOGÍSTICA – One of the Biggest National Logistics Company.

Jan. 2.005 - May. 2.005:Commercial Coordinator. 7 Business Unit’s in São Paulo.

Jan 2003Jan 2005


Jan. 2.003 - Jan. 2.005:Coordinator. Responsible for: logistics, production planning and sales management.

Mar 2002Dec 2002

AME ELETRONICA – Trade Business Company.

Mar. 2.002 - Dec. 2.002:Logistics Analyst.Logistics and national deliveries.

Jan 2001Oct 2001

AMBEV – CIA BRASILEIRA DE BEBIDAS – Worldwide leader in Beverage Market.

Jan. 2.001 - Oct. 2.001:Logistics Engineer. Logistics and delivery. Finish good inventory management.

Main Lean Projects:- Logistics Non viability in production lines: Reduce from 1,8% to 0,7%.

- Shipment Schedule. Reduce time from 320 to 120 minutes.




Universidade Cidade de Sao Paulo


Universidade Federal de Itajuba


Jan 2009Present

Black Belt

Lean Six Sigma