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Sergio Aragon

I am a smart, independent, and responsible person that is very trustworthy and spreads positivity to all.

Work experience


Aragon Concrete

Thought out my high school years I would help out my Father's Construction business. It wasn't a legit government job but rather a family business. It is all outdoor labor work and we would do anything from flat work, Stamped concrete, sidewalks, driveways etc . Every shift was about 8-11 hours long with brakes in-between.


Aug 2011Present

High School

Las Vegas High School

Currently Enrolled in the 12th grade, will be graduating in June 2015.

GPA: 3.1

Extra curricular activates: Culinary Cooking, Psychology, Welding TECH & Painting.  

About ME

  • I am a very opened minded person. Trying new things is what I'm on this earth for. If that's from trying out a new food to trying to master a new skill no one has encountered

  • Art is one of my favorite things in life. Its one of my favorite ways to express myself. All my life I've been a drawer, painter and ceramic clay sculpture. I plan on attending college soon after high school for Art and graphic design.
  • Music keeps me sane and is a huge part of me. I play 4 interments (Guitar, Cello, ocarina and keyboard)
  • I am also well educated around kitchen space. I've token culinary classes in my past and have learn how everything works in the kitchen. the DO's and Don'ts's of prepping food and keeping a sanitized and well organized working space. Multi-tasking in kitchens is one thing I was able to do versus everybody on my culinary team.



I'm a very positive person! I keep a smile on my face no matter the situation.I see myself getting higher and higher on the ladder of success. I am the most organized person you'll ever meet & I then to feed off my peers energy. If their not satisfied, then I wont be either. I'm a very interpersonal communicator. I love meeting new people no matter their shape or size.

Fast Pace Work

I'm all about going forward and keeping it running like a well oiled machine. Working with my Dad thought me to give it all I can and to never give up because the reward at the end doesn't just satisfy you, but everyone around you. I'm always there for my peers and try my hardest to keep them happy and motivated.


I have really great behavioral skills. I can stay extremely calm while under pressure while still giving it my full 100%.

I think creatively and outside the box. I am not afraid to give my opinion if appropriate  and speak my mind.

I keep my personal life and business life complexly separated. I keep my emotions under control when in the work place.