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Sergio Machado

International Business Development Consultant

  • Maidenhead / United Kingdom


An experienced International Business Development/Marketing/Sales/Key Account Manager, Product Specialist and NPD.  Business Plan, Strategic Marketing Plan and Execution, targeting market share, revenue and profit. Product trial and preparation “To Go” to the market. Bringing new business opportunities based on market analysis, creative marketing campaigns for quick and effective product introduction and winning offers for OEM’s. International experience with Distributor Management and Direct Sales. B2B, M&A and Business Modeling. Team leadership. Specialized in Intensive Care/Anesthesia Ventilation, MI Surgery, Robotic Surgery, Intensive Care Monitoring including Capnography, Endoscopy, Ultrasound, Peritoneal Dialysis, wound care, ostomy, continence care and Diagnostic Equipment. Clinical Experience. Telehealth and remote medicine. Technical department Management.

Work experience



International Business Development Consultant

If you are looking to develop your business and increase your market in these areas:

New Business Development - Business/Marketing plan - Territory Management - Appoint/Manage/Coach International Distributors - Key Account Management/ Direct Sales/Tendering - Customer Centricity/Retention - New Product/Service/Development - Product Specialist/Product Trial/To go to the market” - Market Research – HEOR – Auditing - M&A - Business Modeling ~Budgeting/Forecasting Management - Pricing Structure - Team Building/Training/Coaching - Core Process Development- P/L Analysis - CRM/Salesforce - Predictive Analysis and other areas....

With a great deal of execution, let´s talk

Areas of expertise: Medical Devices, O.R., Surgical, Robotic Surgery, Anaesthesia/IC Ventilation, Intensive Care Monitoring, Endoscopy Diagnostic/Pathology Equipment, Capital Equipment, Woundcare, Homecare, Disposables and Telehealth.

Projects I was involved:

  • Directly responsible  in defining and applying all the processes for the European Radiology department of a worldwide giant pharmaceutical company. (Commercial, Technical, QC and HSE departments)
  • Open the Chinese market for a diagnostic company (prepare the product for the market, find distributors)
  • Establish and open a reprocessing/remanufacturing medical device market in some EU countries
  • Rebrand a medical device launched in 2007 and approach other areas of use
  • Identify and appoint new distributors in the Middle East for an USA based company
  • Started pre-clinical trials, after approval, for a medical device manufacturer in Singapore (Approach KOL and agree involvement in these pre-clinical trials and prepare the product for use)
  • Create a new company with a new business  identity incorporating two company businesses

A&D Medical         


European Medical Sales Director  

  • Responsible for Marketing/Business Plan, P&L and Business transfer from Japan to Europe in order to boost the market.
  • Formulate Budgets and Forecasts for 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16.
  • Responsible for a market strategy to increase Revenue by 35% in 3 years and Gross Margin.
  • Responsible for marketing the product, pricing and introduce new technology related to telemedicine and remote patient management.
  • Decide best products for the European Market based on the opportunities offered.
  • Define the route to the market for new Blood Pressure Monitors and AECG.
  • Agree clinical trials with cardiologist in order to obtain clinical validation.
  • Look after the existing distributors and select and appoint new distributors.
  • Audit existing distributors. Responsible for European exhibitions, congresses and seminars.(Medica(D), Arabhealth(UAE) and Hospitalar(BR).
  • Develop new Telehealth capabilities, define protocols, liaison with NHS and Mobile telephony operators in several countries.
  • Liaison with Microsoft* and Continua*
  • Liaison with the Head Office in Japan Managing the sales team and back office staff.
  • Oversee the maintenance and updating of the Medical Department Web site and other electronic media opportunities.
  • Predictive analytics.


  • Acceptance from Japan of the Business/Marking Plan, Budget and Forecast.
  • After 6 months regained 50% of the lost market in excess of£ 2M.
  • Agreed a new approach for brand awareness.
  • Agreed a country Business/Marketing Plan with major distributors in Europe.
  • Opened new market segments in Europe
  • Agreed and manage a new CRM data base.
  • Direct management of all exhibitions in Europe and P&L



International Business Development Consultant

Develop International Markets, Launching new products, Marketing campaigns and training(Product and commercial) for Healthcare Companies.

I am been involved:

  • Register in France with HAS a new medical device Class I for amputees.
  • Marketing/Business Plan for a new Medical Centre in Angola.
  • Define the guide lines to develop the EMEA market for a Switzerland based company. 
  • Support a distributor in Saudi Arabia to introduce a surgical product in the kingdom.

International SOS


Head of Sales and Marketing 

  • Manage the Business at country level, in excess of $30M USD. (Medical Services, Risk Intelligence)
  • P&L responsibilities
  • Functional management of BDM’s and AM’s, Sales portfolio, with overall responsibility for all the market, direct responsibility of key accounts. Direct Sales for major accounts
  • Maintain and grow the membership base, renewal/upsell to these memberships, and add new service modules (from $2K USD to $ 300K USD).
  • Develop new business in the country and fostering cross-border sales opportunities globally
  • Define and agree a marketing / business plan for the country according the international standards
  • Implement a “Sales Force” system countrywide with cross border effects.
  • Agree the annual budget and forecast
  • Ensure payments and reimbursements were made in the proper manner
  • Ensure CRM data base was up to date at all the times
  • Liaison with medical staff in order to maximize operational costs/client requirements
  • Provide the right marketing material for the region
  • Prepare and lead workshops and seminars
  • Manage the team (Operatives, Doctors, Nurses, Finance, Procurement, BDM’s, KAM’s, etc.) in excess of 30 headcounts.


  • Win a 3. 5M USD International Tender with for medical services for 4 years.
  • Keep and grow the existent customer base (EMI and corporate segments).
  • Implement a Sales Force system in the country with cross border liaison.
  • Implement a KPI report and define targets, responsibilities and agree job descriptions.
  • Acquisition of a Medical Service Provider in Angola to supply the services in remote sites.

QLT Medical 


International Business Development Consultant

  • Help manufacturers to find distributors for their products around the world.
  • Help distributors to find new products from Healthcare Manufacturers, to complete their portfolio.
  • Study the distributor's profile according the manufacturer needs.
  • Identify distributor market segments(Retailers, Hospitals, Direct Customers, etc.).
  • Suggest an initial business/marketing plan.
  • Prepare products for launch, presentation, packaging, market trends, competition analysis, add bibliography and references.
  • Follow the initial contract and start up.
  • Prepare product for different markets, agree training and marketing campaigns.
  • Define strategic workshops and seminars.



EMEA Sales Manager

  • Distributor Management, follow up and guidance according marketing/business plan.
  • Sales Analysis and Management, identifying best-selling products and finding marketing solutions to increase sales to all brands.
  • Contact ostomy/wound care nurse associations and important KOL/KDM in the region.
  • Manage and lead the Hollister headcounts in different countries.
  • Promote events, conferences, seminars and workshops locally.
  • Prepare and give training for distributors, including product and commercial skills.
  • Explain the product and train the end user when justified. 
  • Operational Expense Management, budget control vs plan vs distributors revenue.
  • Market analysis, understand brand share vs competition Price Management vs contribution.
  • Prepare marketing campaigns.
  • Close communication with R&D department to define market needs and trends.
  • Support and provide distributors and KOL with technical information. 
  • Product portfolio, update product portfolio with new interesting products Literature, marketing material, brochures and promotional memorabilia.
  • Follow and implement the company policy as global identity.


  • Increase the business unit revenue by 20% in the first year.
  • Introduce new products in Iran($900. 000 USD).
  • Successful introduction of new brand of products in the region.
  • Update all countries with product/marketing training.
  • Recovery lost customers as part of a marketing campaign.
  • Push all distributors to embrace the same corporation identity.
  • Take-off with a new sales approach, direct to patient/direct to customer.
  • Launch a stool management device working directly with surgeons/nurses. Introduce online shopping for major distributors. 
  • New Reference Product Guide/New Product Brochures for EMEA.
  • Secure two public tender in Saudi Arabia worth $400. 000 USD(KFSH) and $800. 000 USD(National Guard Hospital).
  • Improve relationship between company and distributors, increasing number of confirmed orders.

QLT Medical


International Business Development Consultant

As above

Air Liquide Healthcare


National Director 

  • Manage the whole healthcare business departments and technical assistance. Define Business/Marketing plan.
  • Responsible for P&L.
  • Forecast.
  • Selling to government, major accounts, directors and top managers.
  • Liaison with others subsidiaries.
  • Provide training to surgeons, nurses and staff in top range Ventilators, Vital Signs Monitors including Capnography.
  • Answer major public tenders.
  • Launch new products and report clinical trials.
  • Responsible for CRM.
  • Introduce SAP.
  • Responsible for the Accreditation Process.
  • Present the annual report.
  • Define products to introduce locally.
  • Source new companies to distribute at country level.
  • Manage the Technical department, including spares, calibration instrumentation, pricing.
  • Team building.
  • Manage and lead a team of 4 Engineers, 4 Product Spec, 2 Sales Rep, 2 CA.


  • Built a £8M Healthcare business from scratch.
  • Building the most advance cryogenic centre in Portugal for organ preservation for transplantation (£1.000.000) (Equipment and logistic).
  • Member of a world international group for new scientific and medical applications of Liquid Nitrogen.
  • Implemented the Quality Standards ISO 9002, ISO 9001:2000.
  • Implemented SAP software.
  • Reduce service calls and consequently time response.
  • Building a strong team spirit, implementing internal marketing rewarding commitment and results.


Yale University       New Heaven / USA


Degree in Anatomy & Physiology

Yale University/New Heaven/USA   First


  • Business Development Management – Increase revenue/contribution, market share and identifying opportunities.
  • Strategic Marketing – Define a dynamic plan targeting revenue, sustainable profit, market share and brand awareness based on a PESTLE analysis.
  • Product Specialist – Tailor the product to different markets, interaction with RD, competition analysis, Pricing, P&L, product life cycle and product training.
  • Sales Management - Prospect, covert and retain valuable customers as part of a constant source of revenue.
  • Distributor Management – Develop distributor competencies, best support and making it feel a valuable partner.
  • Customer Relationship Management – Contact with major accounts promoting product/company and understanding market needs
  • Direct Marketing – Identify markets trends and anticipate strategies. Agree market campaigns targeting customer needs and cultural profile. Usage of BTL and ATL techniques.
  • Direct Training Manager - Identify training needs, design training programs, identify training labs, provide staff direct training on surgical skills as well as commercial training.
  • Marketing Management – Understand target market and design a strategic approach to the different customers.
  • Product Management – Prepare product for launch, market segmentation and life cycle. Welcome market feedback to increase product performance and translate it to the RD.
  • Languages – Fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, French and basic Italian.


  • Persuasive – Skilful at persuading and convincing others to get approval for plans and projects.
  • Initiative – Gets things moving promptly and works to accomplish fast results.
  • Results Oriented – Thrives on work requiring setting plans into motion to attain results.
  • Confident - Enjoys making presentations to key management groups, and leads conferences and meetings effectively.
  • Responsive - Positive and quick reaction to team members and work demands.
  • Able to work independently - Practical and realistic work demands with considerable freedom to accomplish goals.
  • Creative Thinking – Approach different ways to achieve results and solve problems.
  • Team Leadership – Facilitates team work using a positive, persuasive and charismatic approach.
  • Interpersonal Relationship – Ease of relationship with all kind of people and cultures, as learning process of values and customs.
  • Capability of Execution – Determination to translate plans into actions to effectively achieve and exceed targets.

professional qualifications

  • Sales Force (UK)
  • Selling through Third Parties (Mercury International UK)
  • Ostomy, Wound and Continence Management (Hollister/UK)
  • PhotoMedicine and Laser Therapy course (Thor Laser/UK)
  • NP EN ISO 9001:2000 Training and Seminars (ISQ / Portugal)
  • ISO 9000/1/2 Seminars for certification
  • Principles, definition, application and audit preparation (ISQ/Portugal)
  • Anaesthesia and ventilation course (TAEMA/France)
  • Course on Laparoscopic surgery, hardware and disposables (MIS) (Norwalk/US)
  • Surgery practice (Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Ireland)
  • Specialization course on surgical stapling sutures (Norwalk/US) 
  •  Course on Lab instruments, Blood Gas Analysers, Coagulation, Dry Chemistry,              Electrophoresis.
  • COBOL programming course at IBM. NCR and Unisys COBOL knowledge and                also BASIC, FORTRAN and PL/1 knowledge (IBM)
  •  Intensive sales course (RANK XEROX)
  •  Insurance course (ISP) 
  •  Accounting practice (AXA) 

Awards and recognition

  • Regular bonus for exceeding targets and praises for professional performance
  • Awarded with a prize of 15 days in Miami and New York with my wife in recognition of my commitment and results achievement.
  • Extra bonus awarded several times for achieving targets and business performance.
  • A world prize with an MIS video presentation, in Köln, Germany.
  • Air Liquide, prize money and shares.
  • Attend more than 2000 Minimal Invasive Surgeries during five years (Fellow Surgeons).

Community Services

Area President with St John Ambulance   Download First Aid App HERE
First Aid Community Responder with South Central Ambulance Service
SportsAble (Former WAMDSAD) Golf volunteer helperVolunteer at UCI  Track Cycling World Championships 2016 in London, PR at Silverstone 2017 F1 Rolex British Grand Prix


  • Jogging, swimming, table tennis and motorcycling.


E-mail address:   [email protected]   (Preferable contact)

Mobile Phone:  +44 7771828203