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Work experience

Math Tutor

Academic Support
on the specific topics I go over while also giving them the confidence to the work on their own when they leave the session. Student Academic Support Math Tutor Tutoring involves working one on one with students that are in need of extra help in a specific subject. Communication skills, being patient, and explaining thoroughly are skills I use daily as a tutor.


Academic Support
Student Math Supplemental Instructor Sessions are held for multiple students in need of extra help in math. My job is to reinforce the material previously introduced by their instruction in a variety of different ways. My primary goal is to give students a better understanding

Instruction Supervisor

Academic Support
Student Supplemental Instruction Supervisor My responsibilities entail logging each of my group member's session information and attendance sheets in an organized manner. Being a mentor and role model to all SI leaders is something that I also try to do on a daily basis. I hold bi-weekly meetings to provide tips and advice, in hopes to make my group members stronger supplemental instructors.


Purdue University Calumet