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Accomplished system administrator with over than 12 years of managing server infrastructures and LAN operations across multiple platforms (Linux, Windows) experience. Effectively plan, install, configure, upgrade and optimize the IT infrastructure to consistently achieve high availability and performance.

IT skills

  • OS: Debian, RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows family
  • Networking: tcp/ip, iptables, routing, load balancing, firewall, vpn, DNS
  • Security: IDS, portscanning, firewall, chrootkit, nmap, fail2ban
  • Web: apache, nginx, lighttpd, tomcat, jetty, php­fpm, fcgi, blitz, ssl, jetty, uwsgi
  • Monitoring: cacti, zabbix, nagios, kibana, heka, opsview
  • Mail: postfix, dovecot, exim, cyrus, spamassassin, dcc, razor, sqlgrey
  • Database: MySQL, Sqlite, MongoDB, PgSQL
  • CI: teamcity, jenkins
  • Automation: puppet, ansible
  • Version control: svn, mercurial, git
  • Virtualization: xen, vmware, virtualbox, docker, vagrant

Work experience

May 2015Present

Advisory It Specialist

Advisory It Specialist, Perform in an analytical and technical role in support of the design, development, implementation and integration of a process or technical solution. Provide technical and consulting solutions to clients in response to business requirements. Integrate hardware, software, storage and network solutions. Provide ongoing support of installations, configuration, deployment, and technical solution designs. Develop proposals, requirements, plans, designs, and solutions. Advise on tools, technologies, and methodology relating to implementation of IT solutions. Work with different IBM technical teams to implement a solution, solve problem, share knowledge about a specific component require for an application, coordinate technical task and actions between different teams.
Jan 2015Apr 2015

Devops Engineer

IBM Webkracht BV
DevOps Engineer, Develop automation and processes to enable teams to deploy, manage, configure, scale and monitor their applications in data centers and in cloud. Actively participate in high level team activities such as suggesting architecture improvements, recommending process improvements and conducting tool evaluations. System troubleshooting and problem solving across platform and application domains-will be expected to participate in on-call escalations to troubleshoot customer facing issues.
Feb 2010Apr 2015

Sr. System Administrator

Webkracht BV
Sr. System Administrator, Rotterdam, Netherland Security protection, OpenVPN, analyze of system logs, prevention of intrusions. Improvement of system performance, upgrading software and tune up configs. Modification and compilation of OpenWrt, firmware for wi-fi routers. Citrix XEN servers setup and configure. Automate installation of software, configs, web services and frameworks. DNS related tasks. MySQL replication, performance tuning.
Apr 2003Aug 2009

Customer Support

GaleON HomeNet ISP, Mirgorod, Ukraine
Build local mesh. Integrate various of billing systems for user access to Internet. Install and configure various services: web, wan, billing, routing servers, firewall. Customer support. Developing and implementation billing system. Various of additional services for clients(network radio, VoD, FTP, mail).


  • Ukrainian - Fluent Level
  • Russian - Fluent Level
  • English - Business Level






Commercial college

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