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Java 8, OOP 

Java is my main language, I've been using it for several years and am aware of its advantages and drawbacks.

REST APIs, web services

Understand what REST is, its pros and cons, and what alternatives are


Admired by its speed and simplicity

Linux (Ubuntu, Mint), Bash

Using it for development and for personal usage. Might call myself a proficient Linux user. Able to write bash scripts for automation purposes


Using it to simplify infrastructure deployment

Databases: MySQL (MariaDB), MongoDB
Git, Maven

Actively using via IntelliJ IDEA, GitHub

JavaScript, Node.JS

Developed simple Node.js web-service which performs specific bash commands on request

Work History

Nov 2013Present

Backend Developer

Backendless Corp.,

In Backendless I've been working on a variety of services, including authentication, data and file storage, messaging (publish-subscribe and push notification). I've done many code refactorings and improvements, designed REST APIs and implemented them with Play framework.

Developed a code generation subsystem, which generates sample projects based on user's request. The subsystem has XML and XSLT in its core.

Designed and implemented from scratch a subsystem to execute the customers' Node.js scripts on the service's side, ensuring a set of restrictions which include network communication (only a dynamic list of hosts is allowed), file system access, execution time limit. The restrictions have been implemented by the means of Linux and Docker.

There is also a client library for Android and Java, where I'm a #1 contributor. It is open-source on GitHub:

Feb 2016Jul 2016

Java Teacher

Successfully graduated four groups of beginner students and OOP learners.

Apr 2013Sep 2013

Junior Java Developer

Samsung R&D Center Ukraine

6-months internship on a project concerning Natural Language Processing.

Here I developed an application, which calculates the semantic similarity of given nouns and verbs. Also as a part of this general task, a gender detection application was created.

This required parsing and processing a huge amount of text and XML data from Wikipedia, so I distributed the program to be executed on multiple machines. Technologies used: Java, Scala, Apache ActiveMQ.



Master of Science in Computer Software Engineering

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

Thesis: "Backend as a Service research and comparison. An approach to designing Android/Java SDK for Backendless API"


Bachelor of Science in Computer Software Engineering

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

Thesis: "Quantum algorithms analysis. Development of a simulation framework in Haskell"


I'm a problem solver, trying to always find a smart compromise between fast solution and in-depth analysis. Software is my passion so I'm not limited to one language, paradigm, platform. Active learner, keeping an eye on the IT news, articles, reading books on software.

Eager to bring my experience and enthusiasm to a technology company!