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International Supply Chain & Purchasing Specialist. A high experience in international project management & IT systems (ERP & APS). Management skills (up to 350p managed, on different sites/countries). One-year postgraduate degree, Purchasing Management (Bac+5) & four-year degree, equivalent to Master of Science, in Supply Management. Trilingual French English & German.

Work experience

avr. 2015présent

Director Supply Chain Management - B2B activities 


Management of the whole LOGISTICS activities from NUMERICABLE-SFR Group for the B2B activities - 2,7 Billion €, 6700 people.

juin 2013mar. 2015

Group Logistics & Purchasing Director


Management of the whole LOGISTICS & PURCHASING activities from NUMERICABLE (BtoC) & COMPLETEL (BtoB) including definition & implementation of the Logistics & Purchasing Strategythe set-up of a Sales & Operations Process, management of Warehouses & Distribution,…. Group Turnover : 1,3 Billion € - 1900 people

déc. 2009mai 2013



Management of the french subsidiary (sales, marketing, production, after-sales,...) of SPP PUMPS Ltd.SPP PUMPS is Manufacturer of Pumps and complete packages. Specializing in Oil & Gas industry Fire Water Pumps (Line Shaft Electrical, Submersible and Diesel Driven) and Sea Water lift pumps (line Shaft and Electro Submersible to 1.4mW) both on shore and off shore.

nov. 2007nov. 2009



Turnover: €1,9 billion, 7281 employees, 50 countries, 26 plants including 16 in Europe & 1 in France.

Industrial Group, worldwide leader in providing innovative flooring & sports surface solution.

  • Managed all logistic activities for the site (forecasting, planning, customer service, transportation & logistics projects) and the Central Warehouse Western Europe (35000 sqm)
  • Managed the worldwide planning for one product line produced on 3 sites (France, UK, Luxemburg), the availability and also the stock levels è Results: service level +15%, stock reduction 25%, bad stock reduction 50%)
  • Implemented Logistics KPI’s, Service Level Agreements, Customer Service Agreements
  • Management of 80 people 
déc. 2004oct. 2007

Logistics Manager


Turnover: €272 millions, 2150 employees – Electronics

16 subsidiaries worldwide - 8 manufacturing sites (3 in France, 2 in Italy, 1 in Tunisia, 2 in India)

Specialized in secure power supply, control and security of low voltage electrical energy, for the industrial and services sectors.

  • Definition of the Supply Chain strategy (from forecasts to customers deliveries)
  • Creation of the new Distribution Centre (6100 m2, 25000 ref), flows management, investments…
  • Implemented Customer Agreement with subsidiaries (Italy, UK, China…) and also with Key Accounts
  • Setting up of the Availability Contract Project, and automatic stock replenishments between the DC & warehouses
  • Definition and implementation of the transport policy (reduction from 37 to 6 carriers, cost reduction of 23%) and  also stock management in all subsidiaries & warehouses
  • Management of subcontractors (France, China), and also management of the trading activity for finish products
  • Project management: Supply Chain Audits, Customs Project, setting of a WMS…Management of 100 people (forecasts, supply, transport, projects, customer service, and distribution centre)
oct. 2000nov. 2002

European Logistics & Supply Chain Manager


Turnover: €600 millions, 900 employees

Semiconductor Industry - Global provider for the semi-conductor industry (equipments, spare parts, service…)

  • Develop and implement European-wide logistics and distribution strategies.
  • Managed Metron's International freight and logistics suppliers è cost reductions between -24 & -32%
  • Set-up of a centralised structure for supply & purchasing bringing important savings è yearly savings of 1,2 million €
  • Reviewed and implemented optimal distribution patterns, incl. optimised freight consolidation, warehousing, use of ABC, EOQ…
  • Inventory management (for whole Europe: 23 sites).
  • Cooperated with the worldwide IT Team in order to help roll out the most effective logistics infrastructure design for the new worldwide computer software (Navision).
  • Provide a monthly European newsletter on logistics/supply chain issues.
  • Managed 13 people in Europe.
juil. 1999oct. 2000

European Logistics Director

COATES LORILLEUX (subsidiary of Total Fina Group )

Turnover: €800 millions, 5200 employees.Subsidiary of Total Fina Group - €47 billion turnover – 71000 employees

Industry: Printing Ink Industry leader.

  • Global flow management at a European level (raw materials supply, packaging…)
  • Set up of a monthly European logistics meeting to share projects, reporting, and actions to meet customer service…
  • Launched a Supply Chain Management Project covering 10 plants, 15 subsidiaries, and 50 distribution centres.
  • Production planning and coordination of flows between plants, distribution centres and customers (140 000 Tons of finish products)
  • Managed carriers and subcontractors. Transportation budget: € 20 millions
  • Important reduction of the number of carriers at local and European level
  • Inventory management and definition of reorder policies
  • Management of an important Logistics budget (€ 43 millions)
  • Developed a European reporting & a logistics newsletter
  • Management of 376 people (direct: a central team & Logistics Directors based locally in the European countries)

NB : Total Fina has sold Coates Lorilleux, in order to get cash to buy Elf, so my job was suppressed.

jan. 1995juin 1999

Supply Chain Manager France

BALLANTINE’S (subsidiary of Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine Plc )

Sales of wines & spirits(Whisky, Brandy, Gin, Tequila)

Turnover: €92 million, 122 employees - Consumer Goods industry

Subsidiary of Allied Domecq Spirits & Wine Plc - Turnover: €7 billion, 55000 employees, Spirit industry: rank Nr.2

  • Initiator of a logistics project between our main bottling plant in Scotland & France including the reengineering of logistics and customer service, optimisation of transportations.
  • Implementation of the Manugistics software, at an international level, covering: forecasting, stock replenishment, constraint production planning, and transportation.
  • Inventory management. è 70% stock reduction with an increase in service level, a sku rationalisation (-40%) & better outsourced logistics services.
  • Purchasing & supply of spirits items (€54 millions) and advertising / packaging items (€ 6 millions)
  • Leader for logistics operations between bottling plants, subcontractors and customers. Designed & established a promotional workflow and tools between trade-marketing, marketing, sales, purchasing, logistics, finances…
  • Managed a logistic subcontractor Hays Logistics (40 people, budget € 3,5 millions)
  • Optimised customer order cycle and  set-up of EDI with retail customers
  • Managed 10 people
juil. 1991jan. 1995

European Order Processing Manager


Sales of products & computer systems

Turnover: €1.4 billion, 3738 employees

Support Materials Europe/ Distribution Division - Logistics & After sales division

I had 3 jobs within the Support Materials Europe/ Distribution Division - Logistics & After sales division: 

  • European Purchasing & Supply of components for Laser Printer
  • European Order Processing Manager
  • Purchasing/Supply & Stock Manager France 



One-year postgraduate degree

University Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble II)

Education done in parallel of my professional job.


Four-year degree

University Pierre Mendes France (Grenoble II)

Education done in parallel of my professional job.


Graduate in Commercialisation Technics

University Paris - Val-de-Marne (Paris XII)


Outside work, my main interests :

  • my family (I have 2 children 1 daughter from 18yo, and 1 son 7yo)
  • sports : tennis, ski, bicycling
  • computers 


I have very good communication skills I have done many interviews in newspapers (about Supply Chain Mgt), and also some conferences (at the ASLOG association, at the European Logistics Meeting: S.I.T.L) Member of the French Logistic Association (ASLOG)   
Computer skills

  Successful implementation of  Supply Chain Management software (Manugistics, Demand Planning, Futurmaster), ERP's (SAP, JBA, MOVEX, CEGID, NAVISION,...)  Excellent computer skills: Excel/Word/Microsoft Project, Lotus Notes