Ivanna Friedli


November 2005 to December 2007 Translations for Methanex Chile Ltd. in topics related to Safety such as Procedures, Manuals, Turnarounds, Incidents, Corrective Actions, Work Permits, Industrial Hygiene, Waste Management, etc.; And topics related to Procurement, Production, etc. I sometimes assisted them executing some works in the Plant in the Procurement, Administration, Finance and Responsible Care Departments. I also did translations for University of Magallanes and Empresa Portuaria Austral (Southern Port Company) January 2003 to October 2005 LURGI CHILE LTDA. EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Project Chile IV . With a peak labor of 1.600 workers. Due to the experience from the previous Methanol Projects (Plants II and III), I was invited by Lurgi to take part in the staff for the construction of Plant IV. I was hired as a Project Management Assistant, so I started to work from the very beginning in the usual activities inherent to a project, such as opening of the filing system; attending meetings; assisting in hotels and flights booking; transportation; and general assistance to the staff requests, especially in translation and interpretation, etc. March to December 2002 THE BRITISH ENGLISH INSTITUTE Part-time Teacher of Basic and Intermediate English. July 2001 to January 2002 UNIVERSIDAD DE MAGALLANES I worked as a Part-time assistant and translator of scientific articles at the Quaternary Research Center in the Department for Antarctic Programs in charge of the Glaciologist Doctor Gino Casassa Rogazinski. I was also in charge of preparing an International Meeting related to the Antarctic Topic. It was a short-term contract. March to December 2001 THE BRITISH ENGLISH INSTITUTE Part-time Teacher of Basic and Intermediate English. June 2000 to January 2001 VMI INDUSTRIAL LTDA. (Industrial Coating) Management Secretary. October 1999 to May 2000 THE BRITISH ENGLISH INSTITUTE Teacher of Basic and Intermediate English. March 1997 to May 1999 KV RNER CHILE S.A. (Ex-Davy International) Cape Horn Train III 2800 MTPD Project. Immediately after construction of Train II Plant, the Company awarded the construction of Train III Plant, so I remained in the same position executing the same tasks and responsibilities due to the experience gained in Train II. I was in charge of a staff of 8 secretaries. March 1995 to February 1997 DAVY INTERNATIONAL Construction and Engineering Company. EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Project Train II and III . USD500 millions and a labor of approximately 1.500 workers. Methanex Train II 2700 MTPD Project. Chief Project Assistant for John Brown/Davy. I was in charge of seven secretaries. Apart from duties inherent to the position, I was also in charge of opening the Filing System ; issuing Daily & Weekly Reports of labor ; interpreting Weekly Contractor Meetings at the beginning of the Project ; translating into English the incoming mail ; translating into English minutes for weekly meetings with some Contractors ; taking notes at the Management Department Weekly Meetings (meetings held in English) ; assisting in the turn-over documentation at the end of the Project on closing out the different Systems & Subsystems ; managing the secretaries shift at the telephone switchboard. December 1994 to March 1995 METHANEX CHILE LTD. I was hired to replace the Telephone Switchboard Operator. While working in that position I was offered the position of Assistant for the Company that built Trains II and III as specified above. October 1991 to October 1994 TURISMO CABO DE HORNOS LTDA. Management Assistant & Head of the Incoming Tourism Department. Responsible for quotations and tour sales, invoicing, daily cash reports. In some occasions settling airline billings and using the ICARUS airline reservation computer system. I resigned due to a change in the contract conditions. March 1990 to September 1991 THE KING S ENGLISH Institute Teacher of English for one year. Head of the Teachers Department until the closure of the Institute in September 1991.

Work experience

Work experience

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