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Sereja Grechko

  • Tallinn, Estonia
  • +372 5362 2448


Work experience


IT Developer

Gunvor Services

Then was relocated to the Estonia, Tallinn, to join the "Gunvor Services"'s biggest IT project.  


Middle .NET developer

While was living in Ukraine, was in the position of middle backend/desktop .NET developer.


Both functional and OOP background

I know Haskell quite well and do understand the math standing behind it: namely, category theory. So I can explain rigorously why Linq is a monad and why famous "map/reduce" should have been named "functor/monoid". And many other technical, purely functional ("mathematical" would be more appropriate) stuff. BTW, that's why I am also quite good with F#.

Performance optimization

Quite strong experience in profiling and optimizing existing components. Preferred tools: dotTrace/dotMemory for comparatively easy cases, Windows Performance Recorder/Analyzer for more complicated issues. 

Architectural skills

I am a member of "technical core" and participating in a projecting/reprojecting architectural solutions for both server and client sides. 


Both C# and F#. Frequently used back-end frameworks: rX, Autofac, Foddy, ScaleOut, nUnit. Also have quite a long experience with WPF and stuff like Caliburn Micro.  


Shortly about myself:

Programming is not my first profession, I've never been graduated form an IT-university. Everything what I've learned, learned by myself, when had a free time. Progressed quite rapidly and soon was relocated to the Estonia, Tallinn, to take part in a really huge .NET project (around 1 million lines of code for last 2 years, 25-30 dev in different regions of the Europe, real time problems and servers everywhere starting from the USA and ending up with Singapore). Since that time, I stayed in Estonia. 

My main focus is a backend, however I am good with WPF as well. Strong skills: patterns (both OOP and functional), performance analyzing skills (I also do understand complexity theory, however some refresh would be great thing to do), refactoring. The weakest point is databases, which I am not good with.

Now looking for new opportunities.