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Work experience


IT Developer

Gunvor Services

Was relocated to the Estonia  employed for the Gunvor Services ( as a .NET developer to work on the huge server/client application. Main tech stack: Caliburn Micro, Autofac, NHibernate, nUnit, Rabbit MQ, reactive extensions, TPL, Scale Out. Main responsibility: backend development, server\client performance issues investigation and improvements, unit and integration testing, some frontend as well.  


Middle .NET developer

While living in Ukraine, was in the position of a middle backend .NET developer. Chiefly ASP.NET MVC + Web Api, TypeScript, sometimes Angular as a client.


Programming languages

Haskell, C#, F#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Python.

Reliable programming techniques

Async programming with reactive extensions/TPL. TDD. 

Tech stack

WPF, ASP.NET MVC/Web Api, Angular (TypeScript).

Both functional and OOP background

I know Haskell quite well, which is a source of inspiration for many OOP problems. Comperhensive SOLID principles understanding. Believe in as pure as possible, well-tested, composable code. GoF patterns in theory and practice.

Data structures and alorithms

Basic complexity theory knowledge, O(n) notation, classic algorithms and data structures. 

Performance optimization

Quite strong experience in profiling and optimizing for .NET platform. Preferred tools: dotTrace/dotMemory for comparatively easy cases, Windows Performance Recorder/Analyzer for more complicated issues. 

Team-building, couching

I am a good teacher. Each team I was co-working with, I organized and managed kind of "self-education" activity, aimed to make all of participants better professionals. We learned different things depending upon our actual necessities. Hence, I am definitely ready to couch and take care about less experienced colleagues as well as support self-education as life-long principle.

Good command of English

I am good with both oral and written English.


I am an experienced developer with a solid background in a wide range of .NET development aspects in a business application context. My expertise includes all development stages, from initial analysis through design and execution. I am proficient in a variety of platforms and systems. In addition to my technical skills, I am a great communicator and team player. My ability to communicate well enables me to work effectively with clients to identify objectives and requirements for applications.