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A passionate educator with excellent inter-personal skills, organization skills, is seeking to join another successful team where teaching is student-centered and motivated by collaboration and inquiry.

"No two alike : No two snowflakes are alike, 
almost, almost . . . 
but not quite. Keith Baker 

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I believe students learn best when they can relate learning materials  to meaningful and purposeful experiences. And each learner has different way of receiving information - some maybe more visual than others, some more aural or kinaesthetic. As a mentor/guide, I will provide opportunities for students to learn through a differentiation.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

International Programs & BTEC Coordinator - Kocaeli/Turkey

  • Pearson BTEC Programme (Business and Technology Education Council) 
    • Quality Nominee for the whole program
    • Worked in authorisation process of school 
    • Plan and organise successful implementation of the BTEC Program. 
    • Work closely with Internal verifiers to make sure the program is on the track
    • Internal Verifier for the BTEC Award in Social Media lesson
    • Assessor for the course of Level 2 Information Technology
  • CIE - Cambridge International Exams
    • General coordinator of the CIE program for Secondary 1 program in English, Science and Math.
    • Advisor of subject teachers about implementation of CIE program.
  • Curriculum Mapping
    • Atlas System Administrator
    • Introduce the Rubicon Atlas to the school for curriculum mapping tool.
    • Train core team and staff on effective uses of Atlas program.
  • International Accreditation 
    • Started the CIS-Council of International Schools- accreditation process (Coordinator)
    • Set up committees and work groups
  • WebSite and Social Media of the School
    • Coordinate and update school's website
    • Social media channels updates such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Aug 2010Jun 2015

ICT Teacher and Technology Coach- Erbil/Iraq

Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erbil College
  • Joined as a founding school teacher.
  • Worked in the process of IB PYP authorisation.
  • Implemented iPad program for Kindergarten and Elementary school.
  • Actively involved in professional development programmes.
  • Created and shared resources to make learning more meaningful 
  • Support staff to use technology in their own curriculum
  • Guide students to research the resources related to their interest
  • Attending the planning meetings with teachers and discuss about possible technology integration opportunities.
  • Create and improve the ICT related policies and procedures
  • Coordinate displays, special events and activities to support student learning
  • Organize special events to promote the use of ICT
  • Lead ICT committee 
  • Member of School Steering Committee



Taken Courses in Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction

Bilkent University
  • Educational Research
  • Supervision and Mentoring
  • Contemporary Issues in Curriculum Development and Evaluation
  • Educational Leadership and School Development
  • Learning Development and Cultural Context for Teaching
  • Managing the Classroom


International Programs
Online Learning 
Teacher Training
Differentiated Instruction
Curriculum Design
Educational Technology


June 2016

Teacher Development Through Cultural Interaction and Cooperation

TED Ankara College Foundation & Cambridge International Examinations
Mar 2016Present

Rubicon Atlas in Schools

Rubicon Atlas
Feb 2016Present

Social Media Marketing 2016

UDEMY - So Me Academy
Apr 2015Present

Differentiation in Teaching and Learning

International  Baccalaureate
Mar 2014Present

Concept Based Learning

International Baccalaureate
Dec 2014Present

Flipping Classroom

International Baccalaureate
Nov 2014Present

First Aid Training

Erbil Health Organisation
Jan 2013Present

Pedagogical Leadership in PYP School

International Baccalaureate
Nov 2012Present

Making the PYP Happen in the Classroom

International Baccalaureate
Feb 2010Present

The Role of ICT in PYP

International Baccalaureate