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            I am a 25 years old male mechanical engineer(one year experienced). I am Skilled-Recognised Graduate visa holder. I got full time work rights in Australia. I live in Melbourne. Also I am a skilled solidworks user. My previous job duties were;   detecting problems, R & D processes, solving problems, designing a new mechanical product via solidworks ( trailers, manure spreaders, feed mixers, cow brushes, sand blaster cabinets ), making necessary developments on these products, supervising manufacturing processes (weldments, assemblies).

             I am new in Australia but not new to workforce. In the beginning you can try me in order to see that if I am useful or not. I believe that I can prove myself and become helpful in a short period of time. If you think that I am not useful or helpful, I can leave anytime. Amount of salary is not my priority. I want to be a part of team and gain great experience.

Work experience



IELTS Overall Score=6
Microsoft Office Programmes
Word, Excel, PowerPoint
3D Drawings, Animation, Sheet Metal, Assembly, Rendering, Technical Drawings, Dwg, Analysis, Mates
Basic Commands


100% of these projects were drawn by me