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Work experience

General Operations Manager

U.K.). Plastic and metal protectors for pipe end threads. General Operations Manager. 2015 Responsible for managing México(Veracruz) Facility, ensuring its continuity and growth, while respecting oil and gas regulations and corporate policies. In charge of Manufacturing(injection molding, metal forming, assembly and painting), Quality, Maintenance, Engineering, Logistics. Personnel: 50. Main functions and major achievements: Identify areas for cost reduction and process improvement to increase efficiency Review financial and operational reports to measure productivity and performance Coordinate and work closely with the global sales team to ensure manufacturing availability 5% of increase in OTIF(On Time In Full) 33% reduction in response time(from 3 weeks to 2 weeks) Downsized 20% of direct labor


Plastic and paper recipients for food industry. Manufacturing Manager. Responsible for managing 6 manufacturing sites(Injection Molding, Thermoforming, High Barrier, Printing, Sleeving and Paper), Molds and Maintenance, ensuring compliance of scheduled deliveries to customers, and in strict accordance with the regulations of the food industry. Personnel: 900. Main functions and major achievements: Conducted an analysis of the operation in order to identify its constraints, and implement solutions. Led and promoted continuous improvement activities. Evaluated performance through KPI's and implement action plans to correct deviations. Reduced 20% of overhead(middle management staff), by reorganizing functions. Downsized 25%(maintenance and molds), by implementing a better personnel control. Reduced 15% in variations, by increasing use of recycled material, without compromising quality.

Plant Manager

EGA-. Plastic Flexible Film(Cling Film). General Plant Manager. Responsible for managing the entire business unit, increase its profitability, and ensuring its continuity and growth, in strict accordance with food regulations and CSR policies. Personnel: 35 Directed and coordinated daily operational aspects focused on Sales, Production(blown film extrusion), Quality, Maintenance, Logistics and Finance. Evaluated monthly P&L. Assumed full responsibility for complying with GMP, HACCP, ISO and CSR. Regularly interfaced with customers to provide technical support, address and resolve complaints. Alternate suppliers developed to reduce materials costs Notable Achievements: 23% increase in sales-production by improving product quality as well as product innovation. 7% costs reduction by negotiating better prices and terms with main suppliers. 9% scrap reduction by improving the process control.

Operations Manager

Plastic Sheets and Packaging Material. Operations Manager. Responsible for managing resources, make timely and accurate shipping and receiving of products and materials, and in compliance with food and automotive regulations. Managed all aspects of plant operation: Production(corrugated extrusion), Maintenance, Design & Engineering, Printing(screen process), Quality, Die-Cutting and Recycling. Provided technical support to sales area and key customers like PEPSICO, PRINTAFORM, CARCOUSTICS. Projects Management Notable Achievements: 30 % increase in plant capacity by acquiring and installing new machinery 12% increase in efficiency and productivity reducing scrap and setup waste and down time. 8% reduction in customer's rejection by implementing effective quality control procedures.

Customer Services Representative

Plastic sheets and recipients for the food industry. Plant Manager. Responsible for plant efficiency and ensure delivery of finished goods with the amount, timing and quality agreed with the customers, in compliance with food regulations. In charge of Production(extrusion, thermoforming and injection molding), Maintenance, Engineering, Printing(dry offset) and Packing. Provided technical support to sales area and key customers like UNI-LEVER, Mc DONALD'S and KELLOGG'S. Acted as interface with all business areas like Sales and Finance. Notable Achievements: Played a vital role in cutting labor cost by 25%. 15% increase in customer service level by providing an effective coordination among areas. 12% in scrap, waste and down time reduction by implementing SMED techniques.

Projects Director

Business Consultancy and Training. Projects Director..

Consultant/credit Manager

Wines and Spirits. Internal Consultant/Credit Manager.

Project Manager

Business Consultancy. Project Manager..


Consultant.. Responsible for delivering the financial results of the projects agreed with customers, while obtaining the vital three R's: Recognition, Repeat and Referral. Merchandised the firms' services. Lead and implement projects in Sales, Manufacturing and Logistics areas. Held responsibility for the project financial results, and obtain approval by the customer and CONACYT(National Council of Science and Technology). included: Business Processes Redesign, ISO 9000 certification and ERP implementation. Obtained critical financial outcomes: at least 10% of sales-production increase and 5% in costs reduction. Major Customers: ALPHA POLYLAM(plastic flexible packaging). EXCLUSIVAS JADE(Lingerie). MANUFACTURAS PATH(Metal curtain rods). ESTAFETA MEXICANA(Courier). REX GUANTES(Textile). RIBOT(Paper packaging material). CERÁMICA ANTIQUE(Tiles and Coatings). PROCARGA(load handling). UNITED DISTILLERS(Wines and Spirits). SERPAPROSA-AERO-FLASH(Courier and Armored Trucks). CRISOBA-KIMBERLY CLARK(Hygiene). HOSPITAL ABC(Medical). MEXICANA DE AVIACIÓN(Airline). ZUCCHELI ALPHA(Baking ovens). FIBRACEL(Wood). ALPURA(Dairy products)..