Sepideh Hosseinzadeh Heidarabad

  • Tehran Iran
Sepideh Hosseinzadeh Heidarabad


I am currently a senior undergraduate student at the Department of Computer Science, The University of Tehran.

Research Intrests

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Algorithm Engineering


Sep 2011 - Jul 2015


Univercity of Tehran

• GPA: 17.65/20 (3.85/4)

• GPA(last two years): 18.36/20 (3.91/4)

Selected Courses Passed During B.Sc. Program

Mathematics Courses: 18.68/20

•  Probability I (20/20), Mathematics Sciences (17/20), Combinatorics (17.50/20), Matrices & Linear Algebra (18/20), Foundation of Algebra (19.80/20), Mathematical Analysis (20/20), Foundation of Numerical Analysis (19.5/20), Differential Equations (18/20), Codding Theory (20/20), Foundation of Logic and Set Theory (18/20), Introduction to Theory of Computation (17/20), Theory of Computation (19.4/20)

Other related Courses: 18.84/20

•  Bio-computing (currently enrolled), Linear Optimization (currently enrolled), Introduction to Computer Science and Programming (18/20), Advanced Programming, Data Structures (18/20), Computational Graph Theory (20/20), Design and Analysis of Algorithms (18.25/20), Operating Systems (20/20), Logic Circuits (19.5/20), Principals of Computer Systems (18/20), Computer Science(ACM) (19/20), General Biology (16/20)

Honors & Awards

• Ranked 2nd among 40 CS students, up to now

   University of Tehran

M.Sc. Admission from CS Department, University of Tehran, Fall 2015

   Exempted from M.Sc. university entrance exam as an exceptional-talent student

• 4th place in ACM-ICPC Contest, 2013

   Asia Programming Contest in Tehran, Iran 

   link of the certification

• 2nd place in ACM-ICPC Contest, 2013

   The Programming Contest in University of Tehran 

Excellence-in-semester student

   GPA more than 17.85/20, up to now

   GPA more than 19/20, 2014

Semi-finalist in Iranian National Olympiads, 2010

   Olympiad of Informatics

• The top 0.1% among more than 500,000 participants, 2011

   The Nationwide University Entrance Exam

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2011 - Present


Mathematics of High School

Notable Projects

Graph-Based Handwriting Recognition,using structural pattern recognition and bio-computing applications, currently enrolled

• A Persian-to-English and English-to-Persian Dictionary in C# using Windows Form Applications, Summer 2012.

• A compiler which Compiles Java Programs, using object oriented language, using Java, Introduction to Computer and Programming, Fall 2011.

• A music player with GUI, which is capable of playing .mp3 and .ogg files, using C++ and FLTK, Advanced Programming Course, Spring 2011.

• A Scientific calculator with plotter and derivation functioning, using C++ and FLTK, Advanced Programming Course, Spring 2011.

• Implementing Huffman Algorithm for Compressing files, using Java, Data Structures, Fall 2012.

• Designing Sudoku table in 3 levels(easy, medium, hard), using Java, Data Structures, Fall 2012.

• Implementing Master Mind Game, using Java, Data Structures, Fall 2012.

• Designing a three-staged Parking which cars traverse a minimum path from the door to a vacant place and vice versa, using Java, Data Structures, Fall 2012.

• A Calculator with 4 major operators that gives the result in arbitrary precision, using Matlab, Numerical Analysis, Fall 2013.




ACM ICPC contestant for more than 3 years


Java, C, C++, C#, Matlab, Prolog, and Octave

Web Programming



Windows forms Application and FLTK

Online Courses

Machine Learning & Nerual Networks by Andrew Ng at Stanford University, Spring 2013

Memberships & Contributions


Dec 2013 - Present

ACM Asia Programming Contest

William B. Poucher (ICPC Executive Director), C. J. Hwang, CDirector (ICPC Asia Contest), and Mohammad Ghodsi (Director, Tehran site)

Extracurricular skills

• Sports: Kung Fu (I have 2 ranked belt of Kung Fu), Swimming, Bicycling, and Horse riding.

• Arts: Playing the classical guitar

• Other: Country music, TV series, and Films