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Experienced and well-qualified graduating senior for Overseas Sales


To obtain position of an Overseas Sales manager in XX Automobile, Inc. With my several skills including English communication and negotiation skills, I'll be a well-qualified worker for Overseas Sales work - exporting products, planning a strategy for abroad sale.


Mar 2012Jun 2016

Bachelor's dogree

University of Ulsan

Major :  English Language and Literature

Sep 2013Dec 2013

ESL Program

University of Regina

ESL program


Communication skill

1. I have an experience with communication skill in part time job.
My work was serving customers not only selling the products but taking their complaints. I communicated with them well, and solved some complaints peacefully

2. During worked as translator in Cheoyoung cultural festival, I solved some problems between artists and director about performance. Also, in 1:1 interpretation between investor and artists, I learned how to make a effective conclusion in both side's satisfaction.


1. From this March, I have done an Education volunteer work with a team. We have to create every different program for classes. We meet every Wednesday and plan next class.

2. I went Europe backpacking alone for a month. I planned travelling courses, reserved accommodations, transportations all by myself. I planned thoroughly, therefore I satisfied with my trip.

Using computer

1. I have a computer certificate. It’s name is ‘computer application ability 2nd grade’. I can operate Excel program well.

2. I attended computer academy for 3 months. I learned operating Excel program and Access program. 


In my team volunteer work, I undertake an accounting task. At the beginning of every month, I determine proper budget for our program, and request it to the conference. After the month's activities, I make a settlement of accounts and write a report about evaluation of our team's consumption.

2. When I planned to go backpacking, I have to organize a whole budget for my trip. I made a report about planned consumption in detail including transportations, accommodations and food expenses. Because of planning, I was able to save a lot of money. 

Presentation skill

1. When I studied in Canada’s university, I had presentation works every week during a semester. I have to search the data, make reports and PPTs. I had many presentation experiences from that period. At the end of the semester, I got A+ in presentation.

2. During university period, I have done many presentation. Especially in liberal art classes. I worked with a group of team, and usually my task was make a presentation.

Team Project

1. I have done an English education for a high school student over an year. She made some achievements. I teach her English grammar and Korean history. These days I started to teach English speaking.

2. From this March, I started an English education for elementary students in Community Child Center with my team. We prepare different English education programs such as learning pop songs, cooking classes, quiz competition every week

Work experience

Aug 2014Jan 2015

Barista & Sales worker

Cafe Kong

- Worked as a Barista  :  prepared all kinds of beverages including coffee and drinks

- Prepare the store's promotion strategies

- Manage the inventory

- Record and account each day's sale

Jun 2013Sep 2013

Sales worker

Lotte Department Store

- Manage the inventory

- Sell products and give customers proper explainsabout the product

- Record and account each day's sale

- Manage the display of the product

Jul 2012Jun 2013

Sales worker

Paris Baguette

- Manage inventory
- Recording each day's sale and customer's complaints

- Manage the store's outlook and products' display

Volunteer Experiences

  • Hope Engine Volunteer for Hyundai Group (2015.5 ~ 2016.2)

- Teach children English who are dealing with difficult circumstances.

- Prepare various games and activities for the class.

- Utilize different text- books according to children's level of English to help them learn efficiently.

- Worked as a team accountant :  distribute each month's budget / Record the expenses

  • 1:1 Mentoring (2014.11 ~ present)

- Teach English to an adolescent in Ulsan Namgu youth shelter.

- Prepare some text-books and teaching material.

- Help the student to pass the Qualification exam.

  • Cheoyoung Cultural Festival Interpretation (2015.10.8 ~ 2015.10.11)

- Be in charge of designated artist's interpretation.

- Manage the artist's whole schedule for performance and solve problems between artist and director.

- 1:1 translation in AFAMM(Asia Pacific Music Meeting) - between investor and artists.

- Worked as a tour guide for delegates of the festival.


1. Canada and United States

- Backpacking with friends for a month

- Traveled eastern part of Canada and United States

2. Europe

- Backpacking alone for a month

- Traveled 6 countries of Europe