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Experience and Projects

Experience :

Full Time - Amazon, Bangalore (1 Year):

            Worked on building a privacy dashboard for GDPR regulation which was used by millions of customer to manage and modify their privacy settings.

            Worked on building a service which allows customers to perform bulk actions in the frontend, but in the backend, those requests are cached and parallelly executed by connecting with downstreams. In this project I was able to experience from creating a new service to production which involved various aspects like integration testing, load testing and scaling.

            Worked on building a generic single hosted service which is capable controlling the TPS on which a service hits their downstream services. Multiple clients were onboarded to this service which also includes the above service.

SDE Internship - Amazon, Chennai (6 Months) :

            Added several new features on Manage Your Content and Devices page for various digital content  like ebooks, audiobooks etc.,

SDE Internship at Lucid Software Ltd on Convolutional Neural Networks for a duration of 1 months.


Image Colourization :

                   Given a grey-scale image, we came up with a coloured image using a Convolutional neural network based system in such a way that the new image created passed the Image Turing test.

Spam Classifier :

                    Modeled an e-mail spam classifier using  Multinomial naive bayes algorithm  where Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency  was applied over the uni-gram distribution obtained after pre-processing of a dataset collected from , which was used as  features and trained. The model achieved a 99% recall and also generalized to wild spam data. 

Mnist Data Classification :

                   Classified Mnist Dataset using Convolutional Neural Networks and acheived and accuracy of 99.14%.

Py Downloader :

                  Simulated the working of multi threaded download manager (like the Internet Download Manager). "Py Downloader" downloads concurrently using a maximum of 8 threads.

Android Application:                                                   

  •  Inventory Control System:   Implemented an application which maintains the stock details of various products in a supermarket  using SQLite database.
  • Event App ( Paradigm ) :   Created an application with my team for the college's technical symposium (PARADIGM), which showcases the various events organized, winners of each event  and much more.

Technical Skills

Languages            :          Java, C++, Python

Database               :           SQL

Operating System :       Linux, Mac, Windows

Web Technologies :       HTML, CSS, AngularJs

Android Application Development


Feb 2016Present

Machine Learning

Coursera ( MOOC )

Stanford Online course by Andrew Ng

Certificate Link

Field of Interest

1) Data Structures and Algorithms

2) Machine Learning


Leadership and other initiatives

  • President of SSN ACM Student Chapter which organizes various events such as Mock Interview,
    workshops, coding competitions.
  • Organized around 10 events as the Secretary of SSN ACM Student Chapter in the academic year
    2015- 2016.
  • Technical Head of organizing team of Department Symposium