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My motto is to "Never ever regret the decisions I have made". I am an enthusiastic, hardworking engineering student aspiring to be an entrepreneur and an excellent programmer.

Projects and Internship

Currently pursuing SDE Internship at Amazon, Chennai

Internship at Lucid Software Ltd on Convolutional Neural Networks.

Spam Classifier :

                    Modeled an e-mail spam classifier using  Multinomial naive bayes algorithm  where Term Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency  was applied over the uni-gram distribution obtained after pre-processing of a dataset collected from , which was used as  features and trained. The model achieved a 99% recall and also generalized to wild spam data. 

Mnist Data Classification :

                   Classified Mnist Dataset using Convolutional Neural Networks and acheived and accuracy of 99.14%.

Py Downloader :

                  Simulated the working of multi threaded download manager (like the Internet Download Manager). "Py Downloader" downloads concurrently using a maximum of 8 threads.

Android Application:                                                   

  •  Inventory Control System:   Implemented an application which maintains the stock details of various products in a supermarket  using SQLite database.
  • Event App ( Paradigm ) :   Created an application with my team for the college's technical symposium (PARADIGM), which showcases the various events organized , winners of each event  and much more.

Technical Skills

Languages            :          C++11, Java, Python 2.7, C

Database               :           SQL

Android Application Development

Operating System :       Linux and Windows

Web Technologies :       HTML, CSS, AngularJs

Field of Interest

1) Data Structures and Algorithms

2) Machine Learning


Feb 2016Present

Machine Learning

Coursera ( MOOC )

Stanford Online course by Andrew Ng

Certificate Link

Jul 2015Present

Cisco Certified Network Associate


Completed Routing and Switching with a score of 986 out of 1000


Leadership and other initiatives

  • Chairman of SSN ACM Student Chapter which organizes various events such as Mock Interview,
    workshops, coding competitions.
  • Organized around 10 events as the Secretary of SSN ACM Student Chapter in the academic year
    2015- 2016.
  • Technical Head of organizing team of Department Symposium


  • Attended Design Jam at Thoughtworks where I gained more insight into UX and UI.
  • Attended a Workshop on Natural Language Processing conducted by Machine Learning-Research Group in SSN College of Engineering
  • Participated in the Accelero-botrix workshop conducted by Technophilia at NIT, Trichy