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Work experience

Mar 2003Jun 2008


Simonsen Sverige AB / Textilia Tvätt- Textilservice AB

In March 2003 I was employed as CFO for Simonsen Sverige AB, a company with a turnover of around 800 msek and approximately 600 employees. As CFO I was responsible for the IT- and the finance departments (12 employees) but I was also very much involved in developing the strategies for the company including, supplier strategy, pricing in larger contracts etc. I kept the minutes of the board meetings as well as keeping the board informed of various financial matters.

The owner of the company decided to divest one of the business areas. In the transaction I evaluated the value of the business area and handled all the practical aspects of splitting the company.

The company changed its name to Textilia Tvätt & Textilservice AB with a turnover of around 350 msek and 500 employees. As CFO I was heavily involved in;

capital reduction project

§New routines for textile purchase, delivery frequency, reduction in the number of articles were put into place as well as new methods of communicating with the customer in order to reduce capital employed but with improved customer service-levels.

new financing structure

§The company was split into two legal entities and their investment needs, cash-flow, financing needs were calculated and a new financing structure was introduced to the board and to the banks.

reduction and relocation of the finance department

§The companies finance department was relocated to Malmö. The staff was dramatically reduced and the process for closing of the books was completely changed reducing the closing time and improving quality.

improved follow-up of key factors

§Financial management reports and clear follow-up of key success factors were implemented.

As the company's head office was moved to Ö;rebro I finished my employment at Textilia Tvätt & Textilservice AB in June 2008.

(RefPresident Sven Ek)

Feb 1997Mar 2003

Business area - & Regional Controller

Svedala Industri AB / Metso Minerals AB

1997 I began at the HQ of the Svedala group, later Metso Minerals, in Malmö where I held various positions as a group controller.

Business area Recycling - 1997 Svedala acquired a German recycling group called Lindemann (turnover approximately 900 msek with companies in Germany, England and UK). Along with other units within the Svedala group a new business area was formed. As controller, I had the responsibility in evaluating Lindemanns underlying result and to integrate the acquired companies in the Svedala group.

Svedala International (turnover approximately 2,000 msek) – an organization with market responsibilities over approximately 40 countries and 10 market companies. My main tasks consisted of following up the group's activities and results in the region, including setting up new market companies and coordinating the budget/forecast process between market and production companies.

Svedala Systems (turnover approximately 1,000 msek) - the business area Svedala Systems was established in order to coordinate the group's activities in large scale projects. As a controller, I established rules for reporting for projects exceeding 100 msek. Moreover, I was responsible for establishing the company Svedala Systems AB.

(Ref Group v. President Sven Ek, Group v. President Peter Kohle, Business area president Anders Thulin)

Jan 1994Feb 1997

Administrative Manager

Svedala Dynapac Light AB

In 1994 I moved to Ljungby where I was employed as an administrative manager for Svedala Dynapac Light AB (turnover approximately 200 msek, employee approximately 135). As administrative manager, in the company's management team, I was responsible for the finance- personnel- and IT departments (9 employees). In addition to my normal duties I was I also deeply involved in altering the purchasing/stocking strategy from forecast driven to demand driven.

(Ref President Lars Bergström)

Jan 1990Jan 1994


Dynapac Equipamentos Industriais Ltda

1990 I began as a controller for Dynapac Equipamentos Industriais Ltda in Sao Paulo Brazil, a company within the Svedala group. I was reporting to the financial director of the company and I was responsible for costing & financing department (10 employees) as well as all reporting to the parent company. Brazil was at the time in a big recession with an inflation of around 40%/month, hence extensive time was needed to interpret the company's results and to communicate it to the group management.

Feb 1988Dec 1989

Accounting manager


Returning from Brazil to Sweden I began at ABB Data AB where I quickly became manager of the accounting and finance department (7 employees).

Sep 1996Feb 1988

Executive Program Trainee


I joined ABB through their Executive Trainee Program. As part of the trainee program I worked in Brazil during 10 months.


Sep 1985Jun 1986

Masters level

UCSB University of California, Santa Barbara

After finishing my studies at University of Lund I received a non-degree scholarship award. All classes on Masters level with the emphasis on accounting and financing.

Sep 1982Jun 1985

Ekonom examen

University of Lund
Jun 1981Aug 1982

Second lieutenant in the artillery



I live together with my son Alexander age 17. My spare time is rich with diverse interests and frequent contact with my friends. Over the past several years I traditionally meet a group of friends who, like I, enjoy cooking and fine dining. I enjoy art, theatre, reading an occasional book and regular physical training. On Saturday mornings I go out jogging for an hour with a neighbor, something I find very relaxing.

I enjoy traveling and have both in private, together with my son, and professionally I have had the privilege to travel around the world. I find both the cultural meeting as well as the geographical location enriching.


Professionally I would describe myself as open-minded and positive, analytical, goal-oriented and interested in the improving of processes. As CFO, Financial director or Group controller I will be in positions where I actively can contribute and improve the management of the company that I am working for.