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Manager with over 23 years of diverse experience with the US Navy. Held rank of Senior Chief (E8) for the last three years.A team leader that improved processes, developed and trained people, and emphasized customer service to help organizations achieve their goals. Currently seeking a career in a managerial/leadership position with growth potential in Virginia. A hands-on manager, leader, administrator, and trainer with necessary skills to significantly contribute to any organization.

While working part-time as Chief Instructor for National Motorcycle Training, he has trained beginner riders to understand fundamentals of risk management and motorcycle skills on weekends since 2000, and prepared instructor candidates to help students “Enjoy the Journey”.

Work experience

Feb 2008May 2010

Command Career Counselor


Program Manager. Career Development Program Manager. Designed, implemented, and maintained human resource processes that include training a 20 person team of counselors who assist employees with personnel transitions including ascension, separation, and transfer. Result: Measurably increased morale, motivation, and retention of experienced Navy personnel with their respective transitions.

-In Feb 2008, he took a program designed to provide periodic reviews of career progress and plan for employee development and promotion, which was completely unutilized, and led an unfamiliar team to efficiently prepare for, conduct, and track these career development boards(CDB’s). Result: 100% implementation and completion of 603 CDB’s conducted between FEB and DEC 08 and a 9% increase in personnel retention. His efforts managing the retention program earned FLEASWTRACEN the FY09 Retention Excellence Award and received high accolades recommending this program be used as a model in other training commands.

Oct 2000May 2010

Chief Instructor

National Motorcycle Training

Site manager/Chief Instructor.Weekend civilian work. Duties included all aspects of conducting classes, including training new instructors. As Chief Instructor he provided beginner riders with the basic physical skill and knowledge to operate a motorcycle with control and prepared them to make informed choices about their motorcycling journey. He facilitates and trains instructor candidates to deliver educator based curricula and reduce unnecessary risk. Result: The lowest accident rate among national motorcycle training courses.

Oct 2005Feb 2008

Divsion Head and Surface Ship Acoustic Specialist

US Navy USS Howard DDG-83

Department Manager. Managed; 4 Divisions of approximately 60 personnel during one Northern Arabian Gulf deployment providing command and control, defense, and support of Iraqi military and oil platform operations. Result: His department set a high standard for the tactical and technical proficiency in Anti-Submarine Warfare, Naval Surface Fires Support, Strike Warfare, and Force Protection, and Visit Board Search and Seizure operations earning accolades from executive regional military personnel. As a result, USS Howard became the ship of preference for these arduous duties.

Equal Opportunity Manager; supervised and administrated at an organizational level all aspects of the Navy’s equal opportunity (EO) policy, to include training and management ofthe Command Training Team (CTT) which conducts the Navy Rights and Responsibilities (NR&R) Workshops presenting training on equal opportunity principles and policies, sexual harassment prevention, and command-specific issues, and the Command Assessment Team who surveys the crew for perception of discrimination and favoritism. Result: Highly efficient program and professional work climate.


Curriculum Manager and Facilitator

US Navy Center for Naval Leadership

Instructor/Facilitator/Course Manager. Direct Supervision and day-to-day management of 20 leadership facilitators executing 21 in-house and 37 offsite courses encompassing interactive courseware and classroom facilitation to over 3500 Navy and Coast Guard Sailors. Facilitated 4 “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” Workshops to 50 Staff personnel. Result: Consistent and Effective leadership training provided to 3500 Navy and Coast Guard Sailors preparing them to succeed in a myriad of leadership roles.

Feb 1998Jul 2002

Division LCPO

US Navy USS Princeton CG-59

Acting Department Manager, Directly supervised and led day to day operations of the Combat Acoustics department, known for accepting the toughest challenges he motivated teams, trained employees, and consistently delivered superior results through numerous inspections and mission challenges. While managing his department he enrolled 187 students in 28 college level courses Result: Increased participation in educational programs, improved morale, and a more knowledgeable workforce.

Habitability Program Manager, Provided daily leadership and management of a 28 person workforce overhauling 5 dorm style residences. Result: This nearly one million dollar habitability (remodel) project was completed one month ahead of schedule and he maintained complete accountability of a tool check-out program valued at $150,000.

May 1995May 1998

Asst. Physical Security Officer/Armed Security Gaurd

US Navy NAB Security Det achment

Alarm System Administrator, The sole military member qualified to administer and service the MDI alarm system, primarily assigned to manage base access and service/repair alarm equipment. Instrumental in regionalization efforts to provide 9 area bases with centralized monitoring of numerous alarm systems at the Regional Security Dispatch Center. Additionally, he managed and performed LAN maintenance and repair of extensive department computer equipment. Result: He detailed management contributed to a unit commendation and cost savings in excess of $10,000,000.

Watch Supervisor/Field Training Officer, Provided daily supervision of a 5-6 person security team and a dispatcher who provided security for restricted areas, controlled entry and exit of military installations. Performed convoy escort and defense against intrusion by hostile elements, riot, and other unusual circumstances. Result: led a prepared and trained security force at night with minimal supervision.



Motivated, and acts with integrity. Proven capacity to learn, understand, and communicate goals, mission, vision, guiding principles, and applied risk-management fundamentals, to others. Sincere desire to develop and improve processes, teams, and his self.