Roman Selmeci

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Roman Selmeci

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2005 - Jun 2010

Software analytic, designer, programmer and tester

Sauter Building Control Slovakia s.r.o.

I created software for company employees.

I was responsible for whole software life development cycle.

I gathered customer (employees from company) requirement personally.

I created software design according to customers requirements.

Finally, I programmed software product and tested it.

I created software for automation of internal processes and for integration different applications.


Sep 2010 - Present

PhD Student

Slovak University of Technology: Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

My PhD thesis is about Application of software design patterns in service oriented architecture.

I work with SOA design patterns and web services (WS-*, REST).

I am trying to improve application of design pattern in software developments process for systems based on SOA principles.

Nowadays, SOA design patterns are published in form which is suitable for human but not for computer (and it is problem).

I believe that almost semi-autoamtic application of design pattern can brings solution with better quality.

Sep 2008 - Jun 2010

Master of Science (MSc)

Slovak University of Technology: Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

My final thesis was Knowledge base of software patterns realized in integration tools.

This work examines the possibility of construction of the knowledge base describing the level and details of implementation of software patterns in selected integration tools. The knowledge base is expected to be used for (1) choosing the appropriate integration tool for a specific integration solution and for (2) model-driven development of an integration solution. This work contains information about integration tools Apache Camel v2.2.0, Mule ESB v2.2.1 and JBoss ESB v4.7 and information about Enterprise Integration Patterns. This work includes: the description of how to formalize patterns for the knowledge base, the description of a method to determine the level of support of a pattern in an integration tool and the domain-specific language for describing integration solutions. This work also includes knowledge base artifacts (pattern formalization and implementation information) for the following patterns: Aggregator, Content-Based Router, Message Endpoint, Message Filter, Message Translator, Recipient List, Splitter, Message, and Content Enricher. Verification of the use of knowledge base for the selection of an integration tool for a given integration solution, as well as the verification of its use for the model-driven development is included in this work.

Sep 2005 - Jun 2008

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Slovak University of Technology: Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies

My final report was Application creation with combination of aspect oriented design pattern.

This report proposes a scope of combinations of aspect-oriented design patterns in process of program creation. Aspect-oriented design patterns, which implementation is know only in aspect-oriented language AspectJ, has been reimplemented to second aspect-oriented language CaesarJ.The structural dependency of design pattern according to implemented language has been identified. A combination ability of reimplemented design patterns in process of program creation has been studied in this report. A certain combination of aspect-oriented design patterns has been identified. Meaning of this combinations has been described. Identified combinations of design pattern has been applied in real situation. Knowledge’s about combination of design pattern and knowledge’s about ability of combination enlarging has been presented in this article. A combination change according to change of one design pattern in combination has been presented.

Sep 2001 - Aug 2005

secondary school with graduation

Zochova: Secondary Technical School of Electrical Engineering

I created my graduate project in Delphi 6.

It was multilayer (using TCP/IP) strategical game with two editors - maps, and games entities.

I study base of programming and computer network administration and designing.

I graduated from four semesters in Cisco Networking Academy:

  • CCNA 1 Networking Basic
  • CCNA 2 Routers and Routing Basics
  • CCNA 3 Switching Basic and Intermediate Routing
  • CCNA 4 WAN Technologies




Ruby on Rails



NoSQL database

I work with same NoSQL databases like Apache CouchDB, MongoDB and neo4j.

Apache CouchDB

MySQL database

Enterprise Application Integration

I have several experience in application integration - academic and practical too. I studied and worked with enterprise integration patterns  (author Hohpe). I worked with frameworks: Apache Camel, Mule ESB, JBoss ESB.


I've work with Ubuntu distribution. My second boot system is Ubuntu.


I've worked with Window 98, 2000, XP, 7. I work with MS Office 2000, 2007, 2010: MS Office, MS World, MS Powepoint, MS Access.

Service Oriented Architecure

I am very interested in service oriented architecture (SOA), in principles of SOA, in its design and technologies used in SOA. I know a lot of design patterns from this area. I make my research in this field of software technologies. I work with web services and RESTful services.

Model Driven Development

My PhD thesis is from area model driven development.

Behavioral driven development

I create all my project according to principles of Behavioral Driven Development. I use test frameworks like RSpec, Cucumber, Midje.

Functional oriented programming

This paradigm is something new for me, but I focus on this paradigm right now. I am creating all my current project in this paradigm.

Aspect oriented programinig

I have several experience from aspect oriented programming. I also know and work with some aspect oriented design patterns. Mostly I work with AspectJ and CeaserJ languages.

Object Oriented Programming

I have good knowledge about many object oriented deign patterns. I actively use design patterns in my private project and also in many application for customer or at work.

Unified Modeling Language


Mostly script languages which compile into JavaScript: CoffeeScript, ClojureScript, Dart.


dynamic views with AngularJS



I worked with MySQL database.





Working with frameworks like Sinatra, Ruby on Rails, RSpec, Cucumber.

Java SE


Delphi 6






I am young man full of enthusiasm and energy. I am not conflict person. Maybe I am little bashful person but in a work I am real professional with good communication skills.

I am studying all my life and I will study all my future life. In my opinion, every person should study all life and improve his/her skills. I also believe that real experience from job (not only academical) are very important, so I try to work every time when I can.

I created and sold my first software product when I was 17. This event inspired me and I dedicated my mind to software development and to software design.


native language: Slovak

foreign languages:

  • Czech - advance
  • English - advance


Selmeci, R.: Knowledge Base Describing Implementations of Integration Patterns in Selected Integration Tools. In BIELIKOVÁ, M. Student Research Conference 2010. Vol.1. 6th Student Research Conference in Informatics and Information Technologies Bratislava, April 21, 2010 : Proceedings in Informatics and Information Technologies. STU v Bratislave FIIT, 2010, s. 300--307. ISBN 978-80-227-3266-6.

Selmeci, R.: The Scope of Some Well Established Aspect-Oriented Design Patterns. In BIELIKOVÁ, M. Student Research Conference 2008. 4th Student Research Conference in Informatics and Information Technologies Bratislava, April 30, 2008 : Proceedings in Informatics and Information Technologies. STU v Bratislave FIIT, 2008, s. 13--20. ISBN 978-80-227-2848-5.

My moto

Logic brings you from point A to point B. Imagination brings you everywhere.

Albert Einstein


I used to practice AIKIDO.

I like sports and exercises.

I play hokey, volleyball, basketball, tennis and football.

I like hiking and swimming.

My presentations


Dec 2005 - Present

Driver Licence

Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic
Apr 2004 - Present

CCNA 1 Network Basics

SPSE Zochova, Bratislava, Slovak Rebuplic
Aug 2012 - Present

ESL Super-intensive Program

Zoni Language Centers, Vancouver, Canada
Sep 2012 - Present


Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland
Nov 2010 - Present

English course in Royal School: level 7

Grekol, s.r.o.
Jun 2010 - Present

English course in Royal School: level 6

Grekol, s.r.o.
Mar 2010 - Present

English course in Royal School: level 5

Grekol, s.r.o.
Mar 2005 - Present

CCNA 2 Routers and routing basics

SPSE Zochova, Bratislava, Slovak Rebuplic
Sep 2005 - Present

CCNA 4 WAN technologies

SPSE Zochova, Bratislava, Slovak Rebuplic
Sep 2005 - Present

CCNA 3 Switchning basics and intermediate routing

SPSE Zochova, Bratislava, Slovak Rebuplic