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Work experience

Jan 2015Present

Monitoring &Evaluation specialist

working in Budget Capacity Strengthening Project (BCSp) , a state Peace Building funded Project (SPF) ,Implemented by the federal ministry of finance and national Economy and administered by the World Bank .

  • Budget Capacity Strengthening Project (BCSp)
  • Project Development Objective(s)
  •   The development objective of the Budget Capacity Strengthening (BCS) project is to improve the recipient’s pro-poor spending budgeting and monitoring, strengthen state own revenue budget credibility and increase budget transparency.
  •  Project Components 
  • Strengthen pro-poor budgeting.
  • Strengthen state revenue mobilization in pilot states.
  • Increase budget transparency through strengthening oversight institutions and media.
  • Technical support to project management and implementation
  •  PDO Level Results Indicators:
  •  Budget is prepared and executed with due regard to poverty reducing priorities of the I-PRSP.
  • Public expenditure management efficiency is increased through strengthened fiscal capacity of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy.
  • Revenue mobilization capacities on sub-national levels are strengthened under consideration of cost-effectiveness and balanced with the need to promote economic activities.
  • Budget transparency is increased by raising the capacity of key financial oversight institutions and media to oversee budget planning and execution.

     Responsible for the overall management and coordination of project monitoring and evaluation function as follows:

  • Maintain established M&E system for the project;
  • Manage and supervise the daily monitoring and evaluation activities of the project;
  • Maintain and backup a database on project progress and regular reports by component, sub-component, and state, according to each specific indicator to allow assessing  each implementing level and extent; 
  • Distribute and ensure the understanding of the project monitoring tables to concerned departments and follow up their appropriate use;
  •  Monitor and evaluate the project performance and implementation activities based on  performance and outcome indicators;
  • Follow up with focal persons in the  states to ensure adequate monitoring of performance and outcome indicators at the state level, and ensure timely reporting from the state to BCS-PIU is taking place;
  • Consolidate reporting on progress and indicators coming for all states, and ensures that the project reports are regularly produced and submitted on timely manner to BCS and IDA;
  • Update the key performance, monitoring & evaluation indicators when appropriate;
  • Process, analyze and interpret reported data from states and different departments and produce reports on findings including suggestions and corrective measures as necessary;
  • Prepare summary reports highlighting problems, strengths and weaknesses associating the project implementation;
  • Coordinate and discuss with the Project Manager and BCS-PIU personnel to ensure effective information sharing  as monitoring and evaluation BCS necessitate to ensure quality implementation of the project and weaknesses rectification once uncovered;
  • Participate in the end-of-project evaluation design.  


  •  In addition to these tasks I was engaged in different assignments:
  • preparing consultants TOR (Senior Poverty strategy consultant ,Monitoring & Evaluation consultant, IPRSP Facilitator )
  • Participated in different bilateral meetings with project stakeholders.
  • Contributed to coordination information workshops with targeted states representatives.
Jan 2009Jan 2014

Monitoring & Evaluation officer (Project Coordination Unit)

  1. Participation in preparation of project result frame work –outcomes to be achieved over project life time.
  2. Preparing monthly updates of project activities.
  3. Assist in preparation of project quarterly progress reports (compiled QR from project sectors) and insure that they are incorporated in the Project Annual Work Plan and Budget and preparation of project quarterly progress reports to be submitted to the Project Steering Committee.
  4. Worked as a facilitator in workshops , and training programs as follows :
  • Consultative workshop on veterinary services privatization.
  • A TOT for Marketing Data Base System targeting inspectors of the livestock Markets rehabilitated by the Project.
  • Orientation workshop on Marketing Data Base Study in MARF (2009).
  • Livestock Marketing Data Base Workshop (2010).
  • Workshop on factors contributing to conflict among pastoralists,
  •    Agro -pastoralists and sedentary farmers.
  • Orientation program about monitoring and evaluation for project staff in the 2              sectors 2009.
  • Monitoring and evaluation and reporting system workshop (November 2010)
  • Monitoring and evaluation training program targeting M&E focal persons in     project sectors (East &west) held at Project implementation units in Elobied & Singa ( 2010).
  • Monitoring and evaluation training program targeting M&E focal persons in project sectors ( East &west) held at Project coordination unit ( 2011 ).
  • FAMIS \LMD Marketing Information Systems Training workshop (Feb 2011)
  • Markets and Marketing workshop (Dec 2011).
  • Veterinary services privatization workshop (strategy findings) (2009).
  • Veterinary Privatization workshop (Jan 2012).
  • ILPM web site training ( Editing , management ) ( 2011).
  • A web –based Marketing data base training program (TOT) (2012).
  • Dissemination of Livestock Markets Information via SMS (SMS Bulk) (2012)

  1. In charge of Veterinary services Privatization Desk.
  2. In charge of Marketing Data Base Desk.
  3. A focal person of project west sector ( North Kurdofan state)
  4. A member of a committee assigned to conduct a Veterinary Privatization Regulatory Framework at a National Level.
  5. A member of veterinary privatization assessment committee ( Nov 2011)
  6. Team member of  Project Coordination Unit follow up Missions to  project target areas as follows:
            • Project Coordination Unit mission for lunching project activities in project targeted areas (North Kordufan , Sinnar , Blue Nile ,White Nile states ).
            • M&E Mission to White Nile state (2009).
            • Project West Sector\North Kordofan State  ( project implementation units in  \El Obeyed ,  El Nuhud  and Abu Zabad ).
            • Project East sector, Sinnar State White Nile State (Project Implementation Units ( Singa)
            •  Regular M&E Missions to project two sectors.  
            • Veterinary services privatization assessment mission (2011).
            • Participated in Project Internal impact assessment mission (2012).
            • Participated in project (ICR) (Implementation Completion Report 2013)
            •  Participated in joint World Bank and Project coordination unit missions to project areas

            Mid Term Review Mission (June 2009).
            WB Implementation Support Mission  ( Dec 2010)
            WB supervisory mission (2011).
            Participated in LMRP project appraisal mission / IFAD November 2013 
            Member Of the technical team assigned to prepare resilience project appraisal to be   funded by African development bank (ADB) 2014.

            Jan 2007Jan 2009

            Operation Section

            Project coordination Unit
            • Main duties are:
            • Maintain necessary documentation and giving the facts of all activities related to the project where required;
            • Assist in coordination and work with relevant federal ministries, state-level government authorities, local government institutions, international agencies, on-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, and local communities in order to ensure smooth execution of the project activities;
            • -Help in supervision of the timely development and implementation of the State Project Implementation unit`s management information system for use in program supervision and evaluation;
            • -Ensure that project activities within the project are screened against environmental guidelines in order to identify those classified EA Category B for further review and monitoring of the implementation of the appropriate mitigation measures;
            • Participate in supervision of some consultants contracts and ensured that all deliverables are met within the agreed time frame.
            • Participate in the Selection  process for project staff in the two sectors( Setting criteria for selection , sorting out of applications , Disqualifying  , short listing and arrange personal interviews for short listed candidates  )
            • Preparation of contracts for recruitment of project staff.
            • Participate in preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual progress reports.
            • Arranged and attended the preliminary meetings of the consultant with relevant bodies in the initial phase of conducting the strategy.
            • A member of the project committees assigned to select a consultancy firms/ NGO to undertake the community mobilization activity and an Individual consultant to conduct a veterinary privatization Strategy.
            Jan 2001Jan 2006

            Ministry of Animal Resources & Fisheries (MARF)

            • Main Duties are:  
            • Preparation of MARF Annual & Quarterly Plans :
            • MARF Annual plans for the years (2005 -2007).
            • MARF 5th Plan (2007 -2011).
            • A member of the  committee assigned to assess the overall performance of MARF Technical Departments,  2007 (Performance Assessment Report)
            • Participate in workshops seminars conducted by the department.
            Jan 2003Jan 2005

            Department of International Cooperation – International Organizations Unit

            • Main Duties are :
            • Participated in preliminary meetings of ministerial committees and preliminary meetings of the bilateral ministerial committees of China, Indonesia, Iran and Turkey).
            • Preparation of Proposed  Agreements , MOUs between Sudan and some Asian countries in the field of Animal Resources
            • Participate in preparation of Animal Resources Projects to be funded by International Organizations.
            • In charge of International Organizations Desk in the unit of international cooperation (FAO, EU, IGAD, IFAD …etc).
            • (2001 -2003): Department of livestock Economics.
            • (6 Months Orientation at Entry): Quarantines – Slaughter houses – GD of Animal Health & Epidemics Control – GD of Animal Production).


            Jan 2011


            University of Medical Sciences and Technology
            Jan 2006Dec 2006


            Sudan English Language Teaching Institute SELTI
            Jan 1994Jan 1999

            Veterinary Science

            Nyala University
            Jan 1991Jan 1993

            High Secondary

            Omdurman High Secondary School
            Jan 1981Jan 1986

            Primary School

            Altasaa Primary School