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Selina Ali

Commercial Diver and Maritime Archaeologist


Sep 20132016

MA Maritime Archaeology

University of Southern Denmark
Sep 2012Jun 2013

Certificate in Traditional Wooden Boatbuilding

Great Lakes Boat Building School
Oct 2009Jul 2012

BA Archaeology and Anthropology (hons)

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

First Class

Andy Lawson Award in Archaeology


Nov 2015Nov 2017

Diver First Aid

University of Southern Denmark Commercial Diving Programme

basic 1 day first aid course covering basic injury, resuscitation, and diver first aid

Apr 2015Present

H30 Svenskt Yrkesdykarcetifikat 

Swedish Armed Forces

30 M inshore SSA Certificate of Diving Competency

Apr 2015Present

IDSA Level II: Surface Supplied Inshore Air Diver

International Diving Schools Association

This ticket also includes a certification in Nitrox diving

Dec 2013Present

Commercial SCUBA 30 M

Danish Maritime Authority
Nov 2013Nov 2023

Drivers License

State of California

Work Experience

Dec 2015Present

Faro Arm Operator

University of Southern Denmark

This was part of two Masters thesis projects of a Syddansk Universitet students. My duties were to teach others how to use the Faro Arm 3D digitiser and CAD program Rhinoceros 3D to record archaeological timbers. I also taught other how to use Rhino and Adobe Illustrator to create a timber catalog of the Faro-ed elements. Timbers were from both ship wrecks and ship cargo, including barrel staves. I also had to give a demonstration to a group of school children visiting from the Esbjerg International School as part of an activity day that focused on the theme of 'exploration'.

Aug 2015Aug 2015

Maritime Archaeologist

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

A survey of the Danish Mesolithic coastline in two locations in the Zealand area. Work was both on a boat, excavating bucket samples taken with a large excavator of the prehistoric coastline, and Commercial underwater excavation with SSA and Interspiro equipment.

Sep 2014Sep 2014

Tour Guide and Sailor

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

Sail as part of the crew of the Havhingsten fra Glendalough on the river Spree in Berlin to publicize the opening of the Vikings Exhibit at the Martin Grobius Bau exhibit hall. I during the 10 day stay of the ship in Berlin, I acted as a tour guide on the ship to the general public and the entourage of the Danish Queen including museum representatives and members of the Scandinavian embassy.

Aug 2014Aug 2014

Maritime Archaeologist

University of Southern Denmark

3 week survey of a 15th Danish wreck located outside of Stockholm, Sweden in 5 M of depth. Site was operated as a commercial dive site with interspiro equipment and set up. Duties included: Diver supervisor to ensure safety, standby rescue diver, drawing of timbers and artefacts in situ, detailed off set drawings on land, finds handling and sampling, care of dive equipment and maintenence, boat driving, car driving, underwater video recording, offset drawings underwater, and site supervisor on 3 days.

Jul 2014Jul 2014

Maritime Archaeologist

Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency

3 weeks diving on two Dutch VOC ship wrecks from the 17th century in a lake south of Rotterdam. Operated as a commercial dive site with Interspiro equipment, dive depths ranged from 18-27 meters using air for shallower sites and nitrox 40 for deeper depths. Work included: dendro sample tagging, offset drawings, sketches of the wreck, surface timber recording, diver dressing, kit set up and maintenance.

May 2014Jun 2014

Faro Arm Operator, Post Excavation

University of Southern Denmark

Post excavation documentation of the Moenchgut Wreck with the Faro Arm digitser

Apr 2014Apr 2014

Rescue/ Safety Diver

Maritime Archaeology Commercial Dive School

Worked as a van driver and standby diver for trainee Commercial divers. Duties included: staying fully dressed in kit, ready to jump into the water for a rescue, monitoring all students to ensure safety procedures are followed.

Oct 2013Jan 2014


University of Southern Denmark

Part of a team that survey a life boat from the early 20th century at the fisheries and seafaring museum in Esbjerg. A total station survey with the plug in termite was used with Rhinoceros 3D to create a 3D set of lines used to create a lines plan and 3D construction plan of the boat.

Sep 2013Sep 2013


University of Southern Denmark

3 day emergency excavation and recording of a ship wreck from the River Elbe in Cuxhaven, Germany with the Schlewswig-Holstein archaeological trust. Duties included: dendro sampling, finds recovery, timber recording, and total station survey

Jul 2013Jul 2013

Children Activities

Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

I ran children activities such as rune carving, necklace beading, and making leather purses with children of all ages, in both Danish and English at different ports around Denmark. This was in association with the Havhingsten fra Glendalough Viking Longship, with the aim of educating children about the Viking Age.

Sep 2012Jun 2013

Boat Builder

Great Lakes Boat Building School

Apprentice in the workshop and helped build the Beetle Whaleboat for Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum in CT, to accompany the Charles Morgan. Also was involved in Building historical craft from the Great Lakes area.

Jul 2012Jul 2012


Durham University

4 weeks at Nevern Castle, a Norman / Welsh castle dating to the 10th Century. Duties included: Section drawing, site planning, level taking, finds cleaning, and standard excavation techniques.

Jun 2012Jun 2012

Archaeologist (supervisor)

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

1 week as a supervisor at the mining complex of the Strata Florida Cistercian Abbey. Duties included: supervision of younger students in excavation techniques, finds handling and recovery, and site planning.

May 2012May 2012

Archaeologist (Supervisor)

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

3 weeks excavating the Archaeology of the Mabinogion project under Dr. Jemma Bezant. A suspected prehistoric and/or post Roman welsh site. Duties included: supervision of first and second year undergraduate students in their work, cleaning and processing finds, site planning, total station survey, level recording, and standard excavation techniques.

Mar 2012Mar 2012


University of Wales Archaeological Services

Assisted in a 1 week course for MA students to help teach the correct way to sample, survey, and record a submerged forest. 1 week of excavations which included site planning, sample taking, total station survey, laser scan, and taking crime scene casts of prehistoric footprints in the intertidal zone.

Jan 2011Jul 2012

Head Editor Lampeter Campus

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

Worked as a found and editor for The Student Researcher: Journal of Undergraduate Research. Duties included liaising with departments and student authors, editing and reviewing all submissions, designing the layout of the journal, formatting all the submissions, dissemination and outreach for the journal, and liaising within the university, and working with the publishing company.

Jan 2011Jul 2012

Student Ambassador

University of Wales Trinity Saint David

I acted as a tour guide for the university leading and organizing open days. I also worked through the archaeology, history, and anthropology department helping administrate large conferences, and student school days where I spoke about the archaeological process.This also included guiding students on archaeological excavation open days.

Jan 2011Jul 2012


University of Wales Archaeological Services

Worked as a student intern where I helped keep order in the lab, clean and process incoming artefacts under the supervision of the lab technician, cleaned archaeological remains, animal and human bone identification from the Newport Medieval Ship, dendro sample cleaning and preparation, dendro sampling from around Wales, photographing archaeological artefacts, drawing artefacts, assisting in the packing and unpacking of excavations, and database creation.

Apr 2011Jun 2012

Intern Boat Builder

Stiftelsen Nytt Oseberg Skip

8 weeks over the time period working as a boat builder with traditional viking age tools to build a reconstruction of the Oseberg Ship. Duties included: radially splitting logs, building rowing chests, and hewing planks.

Jul 2011Jul 2011


National Botanic Garden of Wales

2 weeks excavating at a 16th manor house at the National Botanic Gardens. Duties included: supervision of amateur archaeologists, site planning, level taking, finds cleaning, and standard excavation with a trowel.

May 2011May 2011


University of Wales Archaeological Services

Borth Beach submerged forest intertidal survey and watching brief for construction works on the waterfront. Duties included: assisting in environmental soil sampling, assisting in dendro sampling, and assisting in site planning and survey.

Jul 2010Jul 2010


Durham University

4 week excavation at Nevern Castle, a Norman/ Welsh castle from the 10th century. Duties included: Site planning, section drawing, level recording, standard excavation with a trowel.

Jun 2010Jun 2010


University of Wales Trinity Saint David

4 week excavation at the Strata Florida Cistercian Abbey. Duties included: site planning, total station recording, finds cleaning, and standard excavation with a trowel.


Ali, Selina (Forthcoming) Caulking Analysis of the Algo Wreck in Algo Wreck Fieldschool Report eds Maarleveld, T. and Thomsen, C.R. University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Ali, Selina (Forthcoming) Timber Catalogue in Algo Wreck Fieldschool Report eds Maarleveld, T. and Thomsen, C.R. University of Southern Denmark, Odense.

Ali, Selina and Goodridge, Sarah (2012). Reflections: Working with The Student Researcher, an Undergraduate Research Journal. in The Student Researcher: Journal of Undergraduate Research. pgs v-vii. Vol 2 Issue 1

Research Projects

Barland's Farm Romano Celtic Boat Project
Evaluated 3D digital capture methods and their use in theoretical nautical reconstruction by applying them to the Barlands Farm boat as a case study. Research was presented at national and international conferences

Algo Wreck Survey Field school
Analyzed caulking samples taken from the wreck with the National Museum of Denmark, created a site formation for the wreck. I also compiled, digitised, and FaroArmed, timbers from the wreck and created a full 30 page timber catalogue with descriptions and measurement in Adobe illustrator.

Graveney Boat Digital Re-examination

This work was done in partnership with the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London, and the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David. This project re-evaluated the Graveney boat find archive to test the accuracy and validity of the arguments presented in the 1970s. This resulted in an alternative reconstruction of the vessel.


Excavation and Survey
experience on land sites, intertidal zones, and underwater sites
Report Writing
Post Excavation analysis
including drawing, photgraphy, recording, cleaning, identifying, and digitising
Digitiser and ScanArm
Leica Total Station
Microsoft suite
Excel and Word
Adobe Suite
Indesign, Illustrator, and Lightroom
Rhinoceros 3D
With Termite and Orca 3D plug in