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After many years leading others to be their best I was given the opportunity to re-invent myself...and I did.

Enhancing the skills that I already had from my time as a video specialist I became a more creative thinker.

I'm now making my own projects, my own videos and my own graphics, and, like all artists, still learning.

I'm glad you're here and I hope that you look at and enjoy the work I've included here. I hope that I've made you interested enough to contact me and ask for more.


May 2007May 2009

Associate of Applied Science

Macomb College

Honor Status: Summa Cum Laude

Member Phi Theta Kappa 

Work experience


Master Control Operator

Technicolor Video Services

From crew leading on the largest duplication floor in the world to monitoring up to 10 different production masters simultaneously in the control room, my years at Technicolor were never boring. Responsibilities were quick in coming and evolved through the years . System checker, floor lead, shift supervisor, master evaluator, video editor, master control operator - I experienced it all. Heck, before it all moved to Mexico I was chosen as the lone employee to continue 3rd shift production. I learned many skills there and I've enhanced them since in order to become the reliable and talented production artist that I am now.     




Writing is the bedrock of all the creative things that I do. In order to storyboard or organize a project I need that base to build upon. That's where the ability to write - and write WELL - is most important. I believe that the quality of any project begins with the well written word.  
Adobe Photoshop
I love this program. It can be a life saver, a friend and an enemy all in the same project. I'm constantly impressed with the power of this application. I don't just use it strictly for my stills, I also integrate it into my video projects. This, along with AfterEffects, is an essential program  for a successful visual artist.  
Adobe AfterEffects
It's powerful and demanding, but it's essential to creating great video. AfterEffects is great fun to work with and I'm always learning more. you can create the gamut with this, from simple to complex. Check out my 'Dancing Guitar'. AE is a fascinating and important application.  
Digital Photography
Intertwined with Video Photography, my photographic skills developed from film photography with my trusted Canon A1. Utilizing those abilities I've morphed into Digital Photography with my Sony a200. Night shots, day shots, landscapes, group photos and portraits - I enjoy them all.      
Video EdItor
From primitive tape-to-tape inserts of legals and logos to adding complicated transitions in documentaries, this is the skill that I enjoy utilizing the most. Taking the bins of footage and creating an interesting, cohesive story - whether it's a 30 second PSA or a 45 minute community interest story - it's all very exciting when it all comes together. Sitting in the editing bay and finally saying to yourself, "That's it", gives me such a thrill every time.    
Shooting footage and getting it right in order to accurately reproduce the idea that's been storyboarded ( or just thought up ) is the most satisfying element of the whole production process. Compromise is rarely utilized here - making all of the exposure settings, light readings, level settings and decision making worth the effort. There's nothing better than a good day of shooting.
Team Leadership
Whether leading a production crew on a complicated shoot or leading a baseball team to the league championship, being organized, planning well and following through are all traits I've used throughout my career. Dependapility, consistency and excellence are the constants that I use in my leadership roles.