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Work experience

Jun 2013Oct 2014

Data Processing Executive

  • Development of scripts (Tab) with the "IBM SPSS DATA COLLECTION"
  • software
  • Development in VBS
  • Development of macros in VBA
  • Application Development in VB.Net
  • Project Management
  • Processing and Statistical Analysis: Correlation, Regression ...
  • Data Cleansing
  • Checking the quality of data
Oct 2012Jun 2013

Monitoring and Evaluation Manager

Directorate of Basic Health Care
  • Provide input and data analysis Project Management
  • Management Information System WEB TBS
  • Perform data verification on the TBS Web Data Cleansing
  • Participate in various meetings of the NTP in the Framework for monitoring and evaluation of the national strategy for the fight against tuberculosis
  • Work with the management team in charge of M & E within the NTP
  • Develop a monthly report on monitoring and evaluation
  • Provide supervision to the regional level of the recording and reporting of TB in the WEB TBS
  • Monitor the activities under the Global Fund
  • Ensure regular monitoring of the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis in Tunisia
Feb 2012Jun 2012

Final Project Study

Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority
    • Development of an application of automatic data management of air traffic (JAVA): automatic extraction of data from a text file, producing reports.....
    • Implementation of probabilistic method to determine the ability of sectors flights


    Sep 2008Jun 2012

    Engineer of Statistics and Data Analysis

    Higher School of Statistics and Data Information
    • Probabilities
    • Inferential Statistics
    • Optimisation
    • Descriptive Statistics
    • Parametric modeling or not
    • Theory polls
    • Econometrics
    • Finance
    • Business Management
    • Statistics for the economy
    • Marketing
    • Risk Management
    • Computers and Programming
    • Statistical Programming: SAS, R, GAUSS, etc…
    • Algorithms and Programming
    • Operating systems: GNU / Linux, OS / 2, Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS, etc…
    • Design and object-oriented programming: Java / JavaScript, C / C + + / C #, Perl, UML, etc..
    • Web Programming: HTML / XHTML / XML / CSS, PHP, etc…
    • Basics of uni and multivariate data: Oracle, SQL / MySQL, etc...
    • Computer Networks and Internet
    • Artificial Intelligence: data mining, neural networks, etc.