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As a millennial person, I feel hungry for learning and expanding my life growth. I am Bachelor of International Business Management with experience in Sales and Marketing, in industries like media, finance and tourism. Ability to develop new business opportunities, create close relationships with clients and provide innovative solutions to their requests. I am a dynamic and results-driven professional with nearly 3 years of experience. I Love the teamwork,  traveling and work with people. I consider myself a need to know person.

Areas of expertise and skills.

Highly Skilled in business-to business sales and negotiation.

NLP Master.

Selling through service oriented.

Manage and growing of budgets.

Account management.

Work experience

Account Manager

JAN 2016Current job

• booking portal for meeting and jobs for hours, just for rooms by the hour for business travelers.
• Responsible for the acquisition of new hotels, meeting rooms and work space to increase the inventory of our platform.
• Visit each space, making presentation of the platform, software and extranet based on this contract was signed according to each establishment.
• Negotiation of contracts, agreeing commission rates, bands and rates.
• Build strategic alliances to improve our operational work; like getting a payment gateway, a physical office for the team, participation in entrepreneurship events, congresses tourism organizations such as COTELCO, and establishment of a national registry of tourism.

Account Manager

RCN Radio Bogota
Feb 2015Dec 2015

Responsible for the development of the communication strategy for the clients in charge of my database. Working closely with the agencies and the direct client, giving media solutions, customer service and well execution of their campaigns. This also included BTL campaigns, social media in some cases and get the client closer with the media.

Accomplishment: With a sales campaign communicated with one of our Radio stations, Forever 21 made the stores get totally empty in less than 3 days. The whole inventory was supply and the sales went up in a 60%.

Financial advisor

Elite International Americas                                                                     
OCT 2013Dec 2014

Prospect and develop new alternative of investment portfolios for new clients. This include, giving the customer a highly advisory in finance, personal budget and capital growth.

Accomplishment: I had sales over four hundred millions in 6 months.

Sales and Marketing Trainee

Travel Plan New York                                                                                             
May 2012Jan 2013

I had an international trainee program that I won over thousands of students. I was in charge of helping the sales team of the European market. My duty was from negotiating with hotels to get the best deals possible to support the marketing strategies in order to accomplish the sales department goals.

Accomplishment: Over 1300 satisfied tourists were in charge of our team. The excursions that we promoted in New York City were 95% sold.



Universidad el rosario
Feb 2007Jun 2013

Bachelor of international business management of the Universiad del Rosario. 


Mar 2013May 2014

International accreditation over 20 countries worldwide.


Jan 2009Dec 2009

One year of a Foreign exchange experience in Bournemouth, UK.

Skills And aptitues

Customer management

Build trust and provide solutions.

business development

Building long terms business.


Finding new customer opportunites


Win to win strategies.


Fluent competence skills.

Sales reppresentative

Giving the best value.


Albeiro Gutiérrez                                                                                      Hennio Garcia

CEO and personal NLP trainer.                                                           Sales  Country Manager

Multiplicar Profesional.                                                                          RCN Radio 

Phone: 310-813-7197                                                                              Phone: 315-3445495