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Front-end developer with more than 3 years experience building websites and hybrid mobile applications for Android and IOS, It has been a long learning process and in each stage of every project I've put my biggest effort for making it possible, Focused primarily in user interface (UI), I work with agile methodologies such as Scrum, making all the development process even faster.

Work History

Feria del Diseño - Medellín 

Abr 2016Jun 2016

Mobile developer - Freelancer

Mobile App for those attending the 2016 edition Design Fair; The assistants can get logged into the system with the reading of a QR code, then they have the posibility to exchange contact information with exhibitors and other attendees using the app. The technologies used were: Angular Js, Angular Material, SASS, Ionic framework, Apache Cordova, Javascript, Gulp, HTML5, CSS3. 


Feb 2016 May 2016

Web developer - Freelancer

Corporate panel for managing the workflow for the business such as billing, customers management, products and services,  the technologies used were: Angular Js, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Bootstrap, NodeJs.


Feb 2015Present

Web and mobile developer

Front-end and Backend for 2 mobile aplications builded from scratch, Corporate panel, landing page, the technologies used were: Ionic framework, Angular Js, JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, SASS as CSS preprocessor, Animate CSS  as the library for animations, Apache Cordova, Javascript, Gulp, Node JS and Express framework, all the version control via Git, Scrum with Trello.



Jan 2013Jan 2015


Designed and developed web aplications for companies in my country using technologies such as jQuery, Css3 HTML5, Javascript, C#, ASP .Net.


May 2016Present

Javascript Developer

Advance course  of Javascript beside libraries such as Format js, Moment Js, Yo-Yo, Unit testing with Mocha and CHai, Node js, NPM, Gulp, Express Framework, Page js. etc

Politecnico Grancolombiano

Jan 2014Dec 2015

Systems Engineer

Agile methodologies, desktop and web aplications with .Net, C# and Visual Studio 2012 Framework.

For the graduation project, 2 schoolmates and me builded a system for manage all the storage and inventories for a company located in my city, The principal advantage of the this was the ability to tag all the products and raw material with a NFC tag, which helped to decrease the inventory time until 10 faster than before, moreover the wireless tracking of the products helped reduce internal theft products.

Jun 2015Aug 2015

Angular Js

Jul 2014Dec 2014

Front End Developer

Course of HTML5 and CSS3, CSS preprocessors, Responsive design and mobile first, Javascript, Jquery.

Vive Digital

Jul 2014Nov 2014

IOS 6 Developer

Native apps development for IOS 6 with X-code and Objective C



Development Technologist Analysis and Information Systems

Algorithms design, html, css, php, mysql.

OBM Corporation

Jan 2009Jul 2010

Advanced English


Angular JS
Ionic Framework
Git, GitHub, Bitbucket
Responsive Design, Mobile Fisrt
Stylus - SASS 

Text Section

The tools I use for every day's work are: GitHub, Bitbucket, Sublime text /VS Code as IDEs, Stackoverflow for solving issues.