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  • Proven experience on using numeric simulation for designing fluid thermo-mechanical systems.
  • Experienced in using C++ and Matlab models to design and analyse physical systems.
  • Experience in designing and analyzing high temperature systems working with molten salts, thermal oil, and high pressure water. 

Work History

Jan 2012Present

Research Engineer

Abengoa Research

Responsible for the development and experimental evaluation of SIMAS: Abengoa's C++ performance models of parabolic through power plants. These models are currently used to compare the efficiency of different technologies and available commercial products as well as in the engineering design of commercial plants in Abengoa. Te models were thoroughly tested in our facilities under different fluids: thermal oil, water (direct steam generation), and molten salts. 

  • 1D piping flow model, heat losses, pressure drop, solar optical efficiency.
  • Solar Field model. Thermal storage model. Power block model.
  • Yearly simulation with meteorologic data.

Manager of the molten salts receiver tube project where we successfully designed high temperature receiver tube for nitrate molten salts. Worked in junction with our american team in Denver for the design of the flexible hose joints between collectors.

  • Personally designed the receiver tube: materials selection, fluid mechanics, thermal and stress mechanics.

Developer team member of the Solar Collector Optical Simulation Program:  a ray tracing Monte Carlo simulation program in C++ for the optical characterization of concentrating solar systems. 

  • Deformation of the support structure of the mirrors.
  • Stochastic mounting misalignment of optic modules. 
  • Surfaces optical characterization.

Creator and developer of the refined emittance measurement method: as part of the team that developed solar characterization and measurement equipment I developed the novel procedure to calculate the emittance of the receiver tube from thermal losses with a 5% increased accuracy.

  • Article under review for publication on Elsevier's Solar Energy journal.
  • Based on a non-gray surface radiation model (spectral dependent reflectance of the absorber tube).

Currently responsible for the thermo-mechanical design of a high temperature corrosion test vessel: where the chemical stability and corrosion kinetics of different materials exposed to 700-1000 ºC molten salts will be tested under rotative motion conditions to simulate the effect of flow velocity on corrosion. 

Developer of solar disk test bench: an ingenious two cooling system scheme to transform a Sterling solar disk into a solar coating thermal shock resilience testing bench.

  • Using an air and water cooling system to achieve a high and low temperature stability (700ºC-200ºC)
  • Managing a cooling trend control from 5ºC/min to 1º/min 

Discoverer of the reason for the unexpected increase frequency of cracking receiver tubes during operation of through plants after a new control system was released. It was caused by a previously undetected stress on the glass envelope that took place during partial defocus of the collectors. 

  • Crack mechanics and thermal fatigue on glass receiver tube.


Sep 2006Sep 2011

Industrial Engineer

Polytechnic university of Madrid
  • Specialization in thermal and nuclear power.
  • Active member and secretary of the cultural alumni society: organized outings to art exhibitions, plays and films, literature contests (short story format) and photography contests.
  • Thesis in the development of a methodology to calculate the opacity of high density plasma by a collision-radiative model.
Oct 2011Unfinnished

Master in Nuclear Science and Technology

Polytechnic university of Madrid 
  • I moved to Seville from Madrid on October 2012 for my job in Abengoa, as a consequence I didn't finnish my thesis.
  • Nuclear Safety, Radiation protection, thermo-hydraulics, neutron transport, nuclear fusion, 3rd and 4th generation reactors.

Nuclear waste managment

Jul 2005Aug 2005

Programming C++

Saint Mary's collage (Moraga, CA)

Learned the basic of programming and was the first contact point with the mater. Since I have continuously learned in a auto didactic fashion programming in different languages.  


ASME Codes

Power Piping Code (B31.1) and Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

Numeric Simulation

ANSYS, Fluent, Matlab, EES

3D Design CAD Software

Solid Works


C, C++, C#, Java


Spanish (Native), English (Native), French (Intermediate)