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Work experience

Jan 2012Present


Cineastas del Futuro
Cinema workshops for kids integrating different countries and cultures. The school is based in Mexico and Argentina. "We follow the development of children, from the process of learning the trade of film, to the integration of all resources in the development of their own short film. The workshop is extending in different parts of the world. We show the diversity of perspectives of children from different cultures. We put the camera at the height of the kids to see the world as they see it." Highlights: -Foro Shakespeare (Mexico City) -Re-Crearte (Mexico City) -Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires) -Distrito Audiovisual (Buenos Aires) -La Casona Iluminada (Buenos Aires) Trailer: Facebook: Web:

Director / Editor / Cameraman

Unus Mundus
Interactive Documentary filmed around the world. "“Who is wise? He who learns from all people” I've been traveling for the last two years, making the world my university. The only plan: no plans. People, experiences, new cultures, new perspectives. I realized that the only constant is change. People with awareness of this reality are able to see beauty everywhere, and be grateful for every moment. See things as they are. Travelling allows me to get out of my comfortable place, and get into the unfamiliar. I want to share stories from this unique people I find on my way and be able to challenge people’s perspectives of their own values and ideas." Trailer:


Difference and Repetition
:: EXPOSITIONS AND BOOKS :: Θ ¨Difference and Repetition¨ India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, United State, Mexico / 2010. Θ ¨Feria Faah!¨ Casa Azul / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2012. Θ ¨Festival Pla!¨ Rincón Casa Cultural / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2012. Θ ¨Dialogues/Diálogos - Paris/Buenos Aires¨ :: BUENOS AIRES :: Les Ateliers de Paris / Paris, France / 2013. Θ ¨Dialogues/Diálogos - Paris/Buenos Aires¨ :: PARIS :: Centro Metropolitano de Diseño de Buenos Aires / Buenos Aires, Argentina / 2013. Θ ¨From the Heavens to the Heart¨, Tzvi Jacobs (Amazon Book) United States / 2013. Θ Raven Club Ciudad de México, México / 2014.
Jun 2009Oct 2011

Jazzeando TV's Director
Director of the audiovisual section "Jazzeando TV" of the argentinean jazz website "Jazzeando". Interviews and Master Classes to musicians, including Mike Stern (USA), Hermeto Pascoal (Brazil), Juan Cruz de Urquiza (Argentina) and more... Website:
Jan 2009Jan 2010

Director / Editor

TV Show. "Two real-life couples (famous showbiz) come together to eat and chat in confidence. Kind of reality show where couples confess things they do not typically share in other media." Hosted by Pablo Novak and Andrea Campbell - Canal 26.
Mar 2009Apr 2010

Editor / Cameraman

El Club de la Política
TV Show. "A club where young people articulate ideas for discussion and political action. Various moving and live actors debating, writing, making and, above all, thinking politics." Hosted by Daniel Wizenberg - CN23.



Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Universidad de Buenos Aires

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.)

Universidad del Cine

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech.)

Escuela Técnica ORT


Motion Graphics