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As a Career Visibility Coach I help credentialed women who are tired of being passed over for advancement to recognize what makes them unique and harness it to have the career they have always dreamed of. I coach my clients through a simple step-by-step process to uncover their personal brand, and develop attention-getting career marketing materials, and a complete career management strategy to increase their Career Visibility and attract the attention of top employers. My clients are not only able to take their careers to the next level, they also reduce the burn out of trying to be everything to everyone by specializing in doing the work that they love and excel at. Through a 1:1 coaching process, I use personal brands to create simple career management plans that continuously advance and bullet-proof my clients' careers against economic downturns by magnifying their Career Visibility. As a Personal Branding Strategist, I hold four top industry certifications from Reach, the global leader in Personal Branding, which is the cornerstone of the successes my clients are able to achieve, and central to my own success. I am completely energized by my work helping talented women who have an MBA, Accounting, Human Resource Professional, or other professional designation, to stand out from their similarly credentialed peers by recognizing and being recognized for what makes them unique.

Welcome to my Visual CV

Visual CV is a leading Career Management 2.0 tool, just like other online and offline strategies and tools that have emerged recently for increasing your Career Visibility in the new world of work.

Multi-media presentations of what makes you stand out from your peers are as important today as having a business card was 20 years ago. 

So how do I stand out?  I've discovered that my strengths lie in my natural intuitive talent for unearthing the natural intuitive talents of others!  I help women who are tired of being lumped in with their similarly credentialed peers, and want to stand up and stand out for doing the work that energizes them.

I hope you will set up your own Visual CV and share it with me!

Work experience

Sep 2007Present

Principal and Career Visibility Coach

Competitive Edge Career Services

Competitive Edge Career Services is a powerfully insightful career strategy company that uses creative insight and proven personal branding techniques to ignite the careers of women who are tired of being passed over.

We work with MBAs, Accountants, Human Resource, and other credentialed professional women to increase their Career Visibility, and make sure that they stand out from their competition.Career Management Strategies

Online Reputation Management

Reach 360 Personal Brand Assessment Analysis

Personal Branding for Organizations

Interview Coaching

Job Search Strategies

Resume Writing

Workshops and Seminars

Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

Mar 1995Oct 2004

Human Resource Services

Demonstrated expertise in Human Resource Services with various Ministries and Commissions throughout the BC Public Service.Relevant accomplishments include: developing and advertising job postings, chairing Selection Committees, developing Succession Plans, implementing and managing the Corporate Human Resources and Payroll Information Management System in a regional work environment spanning the province of British Columbia.


Published Work


Jun 2010Sep 2010

Reach Communications

As Personal Branding becomes a fashionable term, its easy to get confused about what it is, how it works, and what it can do for you and your career.  As a Keynote Speaker, I am now certified by Reach Communications to deliver the 1-2-3 Success! model to people all over North America, and spread the word about Career Visibility.

Mar 2010Apr 2010

Certified Online Identity Strategist

Reach Communications

Building on the principals of personal branding, Online Identity delves further into Reputation Management and marries together online and offline networking activities into easy to implement steps that will set you apart from your peers, and increase your career visibility with employers!

Ever since I discovered Reach in the fall of 2008, this was the certification I was most excited about completing.  I was fortunate to be in the first class to experience the fully revised program and content designed and delivered by William Arruda,the Personal Branding Guru, and Kirsten Dixson, who has set the gold standard for web portfolios and blogs.

Nov 2008Feb 2009

Personal Branding Strategist Certification

Reach Communications

Personal branding is a revolution in the way you manage your career or business. Your personal brand is what is authentic to you, differentiating from your peers and relevant and compelling to those who are making decisions about you. In a phrase, it’s your unique promise of value.

The Reach 1-2-3 Success!™ personal branding process was developed by William Arruda and has been proven with thousands of executives and entrepreneurs around the world. Comprised of three steps, Extract, Express and Exude, it’s a structured methodology for building, communicating and nurturing your personal brand.

Aug 2008Oct 2008

Reach 360 Personal Branding Assessment Certification

Reach Communications

360Reach is the first and leading web-based personal brand assessment that helps you get the real story about how you are perceived by those around you. 

It gives you the critical feedback you need so you can expand your career or business success.  It's an integral part of the personal branding process and an indispensible tool for thriving in today's professional environment.

May 2008Oct 2008

Certified Employment Interview Consultant

Career Directors International

Training from the Global Career Services Network in Interview Coaching includes a 19 module program that is on target with today's ever-changing world of work.  It includes training in 1:1 coaching and lecture-style training for groups and institutions, and a wealth of resources that are unavailable to the average job-seeker.

Sep 2007Nov 2007

Certified Resume Strategist

Career Professionals of Canada

The Resume Strategist training from Career Professionals of Canada is a foundational course that includes training in resume writing and strategic preparation of portfolio documents.  It has enhanced the value that I provide to my clients immensely!

Sep 1989Apr 1994

Bachelor of Music

As an Undergraduate student in the Faculty of Fine Arts I spent the first 2 years of my degree focusing on Music Education, exploring a career as a secondary-school music instructor.  The final 3 years of my degree I focused on laying a strong foundation for pursuing a career in Law, taking more Canadian History, Canadian Culture, and Political Science electives. 

I was Principal Bass for the University of Victoria Symphony Orchestra for 4 years, performed and toured the US and Asia with the University of Victoria Chamber Singers for 3 years, and spent 1 memorable year with the University of Victoria Wind Symphony.

It was my very great pleasure to be immersed in a creative environment abounding with talented composers, instructors, performers, conductors, and future teachers.


Personal Branding and Online Identity
I discovered Reach Communications and their Personal Branding methodology in August of 2008 and I was instantly hooked!   Online identity is Career Management 2.0 and it has so many amazing opportunities for Career Visibility that no two clients' profiles have included the same components!
Interview Coaching
I thought I loved Resume Writing until I had the opportunity to start Interview Coaching.    My successes as an Interview Coach include:   completing the Career Directors International Employment Interview Consultant Certification in 2009 coaching 2 candidates for the same job who wowed the Selection Panel so much that they were both hired a 94% success rate for my clients interviews resulting in offers of employment Provided interview expertise for
Resume Writing
More than 17 years of experience as a Resume Writer, crafting attention getting personal marketing materials for individuals from all sectors and industries across Canada.   My work has been nominated for Career Professionals of Canada Awards of Excellence in 2009, and a Toast of the Resume Industry International Resume Writing Award with Career Directors International the same year.  My cover letters and resumes have been featured in 4 career guidebooks including Cover Letters for Dummies, and Best Canadian Resumes.