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Serving to help people get reliable ORM and SEO service, SearchManipulator serves as a fresh whiff of redemption in the industry.

Big name SEO firms like have lorded it over with ridiculously bloated fees for services that vary from the most basic to what they call their “premium” packages. But if you look at it another way (the SearchManipulator way that is), you’ll find that all of these services can be offered at a small fraction of what is being asked. This is what drove the SearchManipulator founders to work doubly hard to bring dependable and true SEO within everyone’s reach. How the start-up SEO company came to be is a story that deserves a page in a book somewhere. Two engineers were working to develop software that the data entry people could use. Then it hit them: why not let more people get access to the software and let those people handle SEO work as they chose to? You can bet their bosses were unhappy! But the two engineers were determined enough, and the worldwide web has become all the richer for it. We now have SearchManipulator, a start-up company with the guts to take on the big shots in the industry by offering ORM/SEO/SEM services at rates that competitors won’t even dare to contemplate on.

Currently, SearchManipulator has been working on teaming up with colleges for students who want to try out SEO for themselves. With 5,000 users to date, the DIY software patented by SearchManipulator can help small businesses and individuals whose online identities need serious polishing up and/or better awareness in multimedia, social networks, online professional circuits, etc. This is thru personalized and high profile websites that have been known for getting high traffic everywhere.

It doesn’t always have to be an uphill climb because at SearchManipulator, the strategists make SEO work quite easier for the client.