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Having worked as a wildlife educator for the past 11 years, I have taught to more than 75,000 people young and old. Being able to express my true passion for wildlife has made me one of the top entertainers within my specialized field. While presenting to live audiences, I have to be quick on my feet, and able to adapt to the many unpredictable circumstance that can arise while working with live animals. The value of this experience cannot be substituted, and has provided me with the skill set to deliver superior performances as a wildlife entertainer and host.

Work experience

Wildlife Wrangler / On Camera Expert
  • 1000 Ways to Die / Season 2                                                Original Productions / Spike TV
  • 1000 Ways to Die / Season 3    Original Productions / Spike TV
  • Got Home Alive / Season 1                              Cheri Sundae Productions /  Travel Channel
  • Check it Out With Dr. Steve Brule                           John C Reilly / Abso Lutely Productions
  • Spices of Life with Christopher Coppola                                                        CRC Productions
  • McClure Fine Art Photography                                                                       Stephen McClure
  • Come Read with Me                                                                 George Berribou Productions
  • Earth Park Promotional Video                                                           Matt Zettell Productions
  • Nathan For You                                                 Abso Lutely Productions / Comedy Central
  • Comedy Bang Bang                                                                 Abso Lutely Productions / IFC
  • My Cat from Hell                                                               3 Ball Productions / Animal Planet
  • Animals in Slow Mo                                                                           Eye Boogie Productions
  • Special Appearance for Michelle Obama/Gwen Stefani                        Barack Obama Fundraiser
  • Special Appearance with Kobe Bryant                                                       Landmark Sports Agency 

Jan 2003Present

Owner / Wildlife Educator

Education Through Nature
  • Created concept and development of Education Through Nature
  • Presents interactive wildlife programs to live audiences from preschool-age to adults
  • Responsible for research of object based life science programs
  • Manages the daily maintenance and care of all Education Through Nature animals, including: insects, arachnids, reptiles, and mammals
  • Develops innovative lesson plans in conjunction with CA State Standards of Education

Host (Video Post Production)

Backyard Bugs / Dreaming Tree Productions

Education Specialist / Animal Keeper

Kidspace Children's Museum
  • Taught interactive wildlife programs to school groups
  • Facilitated science workshops and special events
  • Managed the daily maintenance of the museums live animal collection
  • Researched and developed various life science outreach programs


Sep 2012Present


Associate of Science Degree

Pasadena City College