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Jun 2005Apr 2014

police troope


security of country


Real visionaries and leaders do not simply rest on their laurels. They build on them to become even better and strive harder to be truly the best. This is an attribute that Sean McGarry has always shown himself to be proficient at. Sean holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, graduating at the top of his class with a GPA of 3.65 and 3.755 respectively. His graduation from Salem State University was highlighted by his Magna cum Laude honors aside from his “Outstanding Graduating Senior with Highest GPA in Chosen Major” award. Presently, Sean is actively pursuing his application to the Ph.D. program for Criminology and Justice Studies at the University of Massachusetts- Lowell. During his eight years as a Massachusetts State Trooper, Sean Matthew McGarry was recognized for his intense dedication to hard work and strong commitment to duty. Public service will always be something that this exceptional individual will hold dear. He is now prepared to tackle the varying aspects of the corporate world via the application of security management concepts that will help clients in the private sector enhance their brands. Sean aims to attain this by optimizing his extensive experience in safety audits, including fire alarm and suppression systems, Morse Watchman Systems and general communication systems (CCTV, Radio, etc.). Sean ensures clients that they will always enjoy peace of mind and security with his in-depth understanding of OSHA standards and practices. Sean personally seeks to be remembered as an individual who did his utmost to change the world in a much better way than when he first came to it. He loves to volunteer for groups that rescue dogs, being a lover of dogs himself. Mr. McGarry enjoys swimming, hockey and playing the guitar in his free time.


Sep 2009Jun 2011

Master in Criminal Justice

North Shore Community College/Salem State/ UMASS



Sean McGarry State Police bios

With his unique academic and professional background and his strong determination to succeed in whatever endeavor he applies himself to, Sean Matthew McGarry will always be a perfect candidate for security management jobs anywhere. The Arts, which encompasses all forms, from the nearly indefinable works of Picasso to Beethoven’s symphonies to more modern artists like The Beatles, has always been something that Sean loves with vigor. This has been instrumental in inspiring a sensitive and profound characteristic in Sean as a law enforcement professional. He is dually licensed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to teach English in Grades 5 to 8 and 9 to 12. He served in the academe as Math Teacher for Malden Public Schools from November 2004 to June 2005 and from February 2014 to June 2014. Serious about pursuing a Ph.D. in Criminology and Justice Studies, Sean McGarry strongly believes that a strong determination to succeed coupled with genuine hard work will ensure the accomplishment of personal and professional objectives for any individual. His strong desire to learn and uncompromising honesty has enabled Sean to succeed in his career as a Massachusetts State Trooper for eight years from June 2005 to April 2014. His professors and mentors have known him to be an active participant in class, with a profound willingness to help others in the class especially those who have issues with some of the concepts related to statistics and research methods. Sean McGarry graduated Magna cum Laude with his Bachelor’s Degree, earning a GPA of 3.65. His graduation at Salem State University in June 2004 was highlighted by his being awarded as the Outstanding Graduating Senior with Highest GPA in Chosen Major. At the University of Massachusetts online program for Criminal Justice, Sean earned a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice with a 3.755 GPA.