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  • Over 13 years experience working as a contractor with gas and petroleum companies.
  • Op Quad Certified
  • Possess TWIC
  • Computer literacy skills include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook
  • Can operate Bobcats, tractors, and others
  • Strong skills in comminication, customer relations, calibrations, calculations, statistical information
  • A quick learner

Work experience


Chemical Operation

Oversaw the process of creating batches of Cerenol.  Operated the Cerenol unit control board.  There my duties included switching control valves, monitoring the temperature of the vessels, transferring product from one one vessel to the other, and maintaining accurate log sheets.  My field duties consisted of manually switching valves, steaming vessels, collecting samples and logging the into the lab, drumming product, and conducting lock out/tag outs.



Jerdan Services, Inc.

Provided vegetation management services for a variety of industrial, commercial, and utility customers.  Services included bare-ground weed comtrol, ROW cutting and spraying, industrial turf management, and selective treatments.  Personally maintained equipment, truck, and customer relations.  Trained and supervised approximately 20 new technicians.  Provided contract services to GulfSouth Pipeline by maintaining a compressor station.


Tower Manager, Operations Manager, Technician

NaturChem, Inc.

Started as a technician providing vegetation management services to a variety of customers.  Promoted to Operations Manager for the Mobile office, where I served for three years.  Managerial duties included supervising service technicians, constructing plant utility routes and iteneraries, ensuring exemplary customer relations and service.  I also maintained trucks,calibrated equipment, and reported production figures to the corporate office in Conyers, Ga.  After being promoted to Tower Manager, my responsibilities expanded to include the scheduling the routes for over 300 towers. 



Bachelor of Science