MY MISSION: To offer the highest level of service in a friendly, professional manner; to encourage the growth of banks, financial services, and insurance organizations that practice not only innovation and efficiency, but also thrift, savings and the wise use of credit; to increase the knowledge and ability of the people they serve to manage and control their financial well-being.

Work experience

Work experience
2015 - Present

Executive Vice President

On Demand Agility

ODA is a team of top-flight technology specialists focused on software scalability in established business enterprise, with offices in Delhi, Manila, Philadelphia, Singapore, New York, and Zurich.

Today, ODA experts serve firms leading the world's banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturers and retail industries in technology and business solutions.

2014 - 2014

Executive VP, Sales

Sharp Decisions

Sales leader for banking, financial services, and insurance. Generated new net profitable revenue, both in permanent hire, contract consulting, custom projects for:

  • Software providers in the $10 billion plus annual revenue category.
  • Global banks and investment management firms ranging from $5 billion to trillions in AUM.
  • Consultant placements and specific projects in custom and legacy software platforms.
2010 - 2013

Director of Sales


Strategic business development to global financial markets. Core solution focus on Reference Data Management, Wealth Management Services, and Trade Management Solutions. Manage global sales force for platform application development and sales. Run sales campaigns to grow revenue and increase market-share year-over-year.

2013 - 2013

Director of Business Development

Collaborative Consulting

Lead Collaborative Consulting sales and marketing outreach for Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance. 2013 Initiatives include Big Data and Risk Mitigation, two key areas for the industry's success story.

2004 - 2010

Founder, Managing Partner Realty

Directed day-to-day operation for profitable realty concern. Brokerage division ownerships include corporations emphasizing residential real estate sales, commercial development and sales, and business opportunity investment.

2000 - 2002

Information Technology Business Development

Eden Foods

Manage, create and sustain distributor and broker relationships for the world's largest organic food concern using online public web and private extranet tools including HTML, FileMaker, Lasso, and JavaScript.

1998 - 2002

Marketing Consultant

Oxford University Press

Planned and implemented market strategies to position each book assigned as the leading product in its market. Designed and deployed Oxford’s first Internet presence separate from the main Oxford University Press websites.

2000 - 2002

Marketing Consultant

Developed and deployed online strategies to position book offerings to increase sales revenue. Using targets identified by management, ran a research team to enrich data for website enhancement and subsequent spinoff.

2000 - 2001

Marketing Consultant

Warren E. Avis

Worked with the founder of Avis Rent-a-car to plan the position and marketing of a series of books growing the management strategy of Shared Participation, developed & written by Warren Avis, Robert Blake, and Jane Mouton.

1996 - 1997

Application Specialist

Net-Linx (Formerly CText)

Installer and trainer of Microsoft Windows-based custom publishing software on-site. Trained international news media in installation, administration and user operation. Supported Windows and  DOS-based publishing software.

1990 - 1993

Expert System Designer

University of Michigan Advanced Technology Laboratory

At Advanced Technological Laboratory, worked as software designer of Hypertalk-based training application for pedagogical use in public and private secondary schools to introduce students to computer languages.





Market Research Experience

Dun & Bradstreet, Standard & Poors business analysis and look-up, Bressers, Cox, Experian, Trans Union, Equifax and complete custom direct consumer demographic and qualified location experience. Associated Press, General Motors, Ford, Daimler, Union Auto Workers styles for proposals, manuals, certifications, grants, and assorted business styles.

International Experience

Having succeeded on client contracts throughout Belgium, Canada, Mexico, Netherlands, United Kingdom, and the United States, it's important to share that having a global perspective can be its own reward. Learning to read and write Japanese language to work for an NPR affiliate reporting on the Detroit automotive industry in the 1980s and 1990s, for instance, is nothing like learning Arabic language in a commercial real estate setting. But both examples lead to greater understanding of culture, communication, and lead to more potential for profitable growth.

Active Websites Developed & Directed,,,


2004 - 2013

Notary Public

Secretary of State
2003 - 2012

Real Estate Broker

Department of Labor & Economic Growth
2009 - 2010

Mortgage Banker

New York State Banking Department - Mortgage Banking Division