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Work Objective

To obtain a position in a laboratory setting

I’m hoping for the opportunity to present my giftings and experience to your esteemed   healthcare setting to further my experience in a laboratory setting in order to better the lives of those in need. Over the last seven years, my practice as a phlebotomist and pathology technician has taught me compassion in patient relationship and their wellbeing. Given the opportunity to be a part of your healthcare team, I will invest within every part of this position both excellence and compassionate care, dedicated to both the patient as well as the healthcare staff.

Work Experience

Aug 2018Present

Pathology Technician

Sanford Hospital 

Working at Sanford Hospital as a pathology technician has allowed myself to utilize my skills gained from previous employment as well as my undergraduate degree from UND. My position entailed: working in the laboratory with specimen preparation and processing, answering questions for nurses and doctors based on specific specimen collection and processing, performing phlebotomies for all patients on the hospital floor including pediatrics, preparing both known and unidentified pathology specimens with formalin for the pathologist view, as well as assisting the stroke, trauma, and code teams as needed to better the outcome of the patients lives. Sanford Hospital is the only level one trauma facility in the state of North Dakota and I believe my time spent here has provided me with a level of appreciation not only for the laboratory but all departments that work together for the longevity and betterment of patients.

Dec 2015Jul 2018

Laboratory Phlebotomist

Altru Health System

My experience at Altru Health System allowed me to complete my undergraduate education with ease while working in an atmosphere that is both welcoming and professional in serving those of the northern North Dakota and Minnesota territory.  My work as a validated pediatric phlebotomist has helped me to become internally confident in my work, proficient in patient communication and compassionate toward family members.

Nov 2013Dec 2015

Laboratory Specimen Technician (Phlebotomist)

Regions Hospital

Regions Hospital gave me experience for which I am extremely grateful. I learned the value of teamwork and patience here.  As an LST my responsibilities were on the floors drawing blood, placing IV’s and performing EKG’s for age groups ranging from infants to elderly, and from critical care ICU to observation unit patients.   I also had responsibilities in the lab with receiving specimens on Epic and placing each sample in their appropriate location for the technical staff to handle.  Through my time spent at Regions Hospital I’ve grown in my performance as a phlebotomist, having over 3,000 hours of patient/phlebotomy care and having been placed in the top 90thpercentile for successful phlebotomies. Regions Hospital has taught me the importance of patient care to the extent that I now strive to improve the health and wellbeing of both members and patients of the healthcare community.

Mar 2012Oct 2013

Collections Technician II -- Phlebotomist

American Red Cross

Uponcompletion of the American Red Cross Mid-America Division course and achieving 1,000 phlebotomy hours, I gained valuable venipuncture and patient care skills.


Jan 2016May 2018

Bachelors of Arts and Sciences Degree

University of North Dakota

Studies in Biology/Pre-health

Aug 2013Apr 2015

Anoka Ramsey Community College

Studies in Biology/Pre-health

Sep 2008May 2011

High School Diploma

Fridley High School

High School Diploma


Plasmodium berghei Malaria

During the fall semester of 2017, I was allowed the privilege to work under Dr. Jefferson Vaughan with his work on infectious malaria in mice. We specifically studied the genus of Plasmodium berghei, which is non-infectious toward humans, and used P. berghei as a model for the more dangerous genus of infectious human malaria P. falciparum

Examining The Relationship Between Technology Usage and Objective Assessments of Impulsivity and Cognitive Performance in Young Adults

Working under Dr. Richard Ferraro and alongside Sheryl Holter Vogel, I was provided the opportunity to perform assessments to better understand the cognitive relationship between technology usage and impulsivity in young adults through the University of North Dakota from August 2016 - May 2017.

Volunteer Work

North Dakota Science & Engineering Fair Grand Forks, ND, United States Apr 2017 Science & Engineering Fair Judge

The North Dakota State Science & Engineering Fair is a state and regional competition that allows the opportunity for middle school and high school students to compete for awards and scholarships.  The competition takes place each year in the Memorial Union of the University of North Dakota.  This is a fun and eventful time for the students to present their hard work and for the judges to witness the amazing minds of North Dakota students.

I was very excited and privileged to be a judge at the NDSSEF.  While growing up I entered many science fairs, so this experience not only hit close to home, but also allowed me to rub elbows with potential future scientists and researchers in the North Dakota district.


U-Nited for Autism Minneapolis, MN, United states Apr 2015 5K-Run Volunteer

U-Nited for Autism is a group that raises autism awareness.  The group is based at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. This group is primarily run by the student body, and is funded by events organized by those associated with the organization.

I was able to assist with the set up and take down of a 5K race that took place on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus.  This was a valuable experience to witness and be a part of, as the Twin Cities student body came together to support a cause that is not always spoken of, but is often in our midst.

Blaine USA World Cup Medical Staff Blaine, MN, United States Jul 2012 - Jul 2012 Front Desk Medical Staff Technician 

Pediatric Sports Physician, Dr. Steven Elias gave me an opportunity to volunteer as a front desk technician.  The job requirements - - ability to work with Apple products, proficient typing skills, maintain a cool temper, and be knowledgeable of certain types of injuries. I assisted in typing HIPAA information from the patients for the physicians to review prior to patient care.

American Red Cross Blood Drive Fridley, MN, United States Feb 2012 - Aug 2012 Blood Drive Coordinator

Setting up and working through the long hours of making a blood drive happen is not as easy as it sounds. In the month of February I came up with the idea of running my own blood drive through the American Red Cross, although I wasn’t sure how to get started.  By looking on and contacting their blood drive services I was able to move forward in conducting a blood drive.  The process to complete this project took roughly 6 months and the goal of blood donors needed to be around 20 participants.  The blood drive was successful and took place on August 31st, 2011, in the parking lot of Bob’s Produce (Fridley) and was sponsored by Dunn Brothers Coffee (Fridley).

Unity Hospital Fridley, MN, United States Dec 2011 - Dec 2012 ER Volunteer 

Unity Hospital instills strong values that employees and volunteers need to have in the work place, at home, away from home, with friends and family and even with those who are challenging to be around.  Volunteering at Unity for over 150 hours helped me develop skills that I use today, such as attentiveness while on shift, caring for those who are in need of comfort or peace of mind, always staying true to strong values and never leaving a task or obligation unfinished, regardless of the degree of difficulty.

As a hospital volunteer I gained experience that I would never have received in other fields of employment. It was there I found my heart’s interest in the medical field. I am so looking forward to working full time as a Physician Assistant.



Charlotte M. Janita

Charlotte Janita is the Clinical Operations Manager at Regions Hospital, St. Paul, MN.

I had worked under Charlotte Janita as a phlebotomist at Regions Hospital for two years 

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Dr. Christopher Carlson

Dr. Christopher Carlson is a family medicine doctor in Maple Grove, Minnesota and is affiliated with North Memorial Medical Center. He received his medical degree from University of Minnesota Medical School and has been in practice for more than 20 years. He is one of 120 doctors at North Memorial Medical Center who specialize in Family Medicine.

Chris and Kim Carlson have entrusted me with watching over and caring for their youngest child David.

[email protected]

Dr. Richard F. Ferraro

Dr. Richard Ferraro is a Chester Fritz Distinguished Professor Fellow, National Academy of Neuropsychology Ph.D. University of Kansas Experimental Psychology

I have performed psychology research under Dr. Richard Ferraro on the topic of Examining The Relationship Between Technology Usage and Objective Assessments of Impulsivity and Cognitive Performance in Young Adults, as well as taken course work under his instruction

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Ethan Snow 

Ethan performs education research involving curriculum design, teaching and assessment methods, and peer mentoring in human anatomy

I have successfully completed a course in human anatomy under Ethan Snow and Dr. Kenneth Ruit; I went on to become a peer teacher for human anatomy, and further moved on to perform dissections on the cadavers for students learning human anatomy.

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