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Jan 1997May 1999



Did all General Education here/some at MJUCO

Work experience

Sep 2013Nov 2014

Behavior Health Registered Nurse

Recovery Innovations Arizona

I worked 1900-0730 Shift. Worked with court ordered and petitioned patients a majority of the time. Ratio of 1 Rn to 17 Patients. I was responsible for Nightly Medication pass and any prn medications ordered and requested. Responsible for initial assessment of both physical and Mental state. Alerted on-call Physician if patient required a medical clearance before being admitted. Did medication reconciliations and reported to on-call physician if needed. Responsible for full intake charting/assessment and discharges to level one facilities. Identified patient needs and acuity. Delegated duties to BHT and peer support. Did Narcotic count with departing RN. Physical and Psychiatric assessment of each patient on unit. Computer based charting. 24 hour chart checks and medication administration record check. 

Jun 2011Sep 2013

Behavior Health Registered Nurse

Aurora Behavior Health

I provided care to the coyote unit at Aurora in Tempe. Age range was 13-17 and acuity was level 1. Responsible for all intakes and discharges on 1500-2330 shift. Medication education was high priority due to having to receive consent for all medications from case managers or guardians. I provided adolescents with therapeutic assessment of mental and physical each shift. Paper and some computer charting. A lot of time is spent with patients of this age group and this shift. Education of coping skills was high priority. After medication pass until lights out required excellent time management skills. Working with adolescents was one of my most rewarding experiences. I was responsible for TB testing, minor wound care, and minor medical care in most cases. I was charge nurse on this shift when related to seniority. Delegated duties to BHTs and attended care meetings. This unit was dual diagnosis and had about a 50% chemical dependency only rate, however drugs of abuse were high on the UDS of this population. BLS, ACLS, CPI, ITLS,and TNCC certified at this time. Ratio was 1 RN to 9 patients. 18 total census.

Feb 2010Oct 2010

Behavior Health Registered Nurse

Banner Behavioral Health Scottsdale

Worked on Saguaro unit. Dual diagnosis with about 75% of milieu admitted for mainly drug addiction. Responsible for intake on unit after up to 23 hours in observation. Physical assessments were done by RN. Shift was 1500-2330 and nightly medication pass. RN responsible for 1 group such as medication education. Paper charting on each patient. Floated to other adult unit as needed. Provided education to patient and helped develop coping skills for particular dx. Provided materials and education on 12 step programs. RN was involved in care planning for particular patients.

Apr 1997Nov 2003


Abrazo Phoenist Baptist

Shadowing RN as Extern.1997) This was in last block of Nursing school. Exposed to many different parts of hospital to decide where to work when graduation was over.After graduation,1997, I worked Medical/Surgical and Telemetry. ACLS certified. Provided care for ortho patients in medical /surgical and various complaints. Attended to post CABG patients and cardiac stepdown. High proficient with IV starts and chest Tubes, drainage apparatus. I followed strict turning protocol and Had patients moving as tolerated. Very familiar with the medications used in cardiovascular, pulmonary patients.



Wound closure and wound care, prevention of any skin breakdown
Computer charting,time management
Various iv starts, venous blood draws
BEDSIDE MANNER, A great skill never to be forgotten


Marie Gagnon, CNO, Recovery innovations

Marie Gagnon Chief Nursing Officer at Recovery Innovations Sean Pollock is a dedicated professional who is incredibly invested in providing excellent patient care. My pleasure to have been his Nursing Director but in Nursing school and at Recovery Innovations. marei January 25, 2015, Marie advised Sean at RECOVERY INOVATIONS