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Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Forensic Specialist 4

Lakes Crossing Center 

Forensic Specialist IVs perform a combination of security and clinical related work in a high security mental health facility for the treatment of the mentally disordered offenders. A Forensic Specialist IV also supervises a group of subordinate Forensic Specialist by providing training, assigning and reviewing work, preparing performance evaluations and recommending various types of personnel actions. 

Other Duties Include:

Approving and screening time sheets completed by forensic employees. Creating and designating security assignments to staff in order to operate a maximum security facility that ensures the safety of clients, and the public. Working in direct contact with outside law enforcement agencies to send and receive people in need of court ordered psych evaluations. Overseeing the welfare and safety of up to 80 individuals with varying mental conditions. Upholding and protecting the civil rights of individuals receiving services by the State of Nevada. Verbal de-escalation: Using alternative methods of talking to individuals in distress to minimize denial of rights. Use of progressive discipline to unsure that forensic specialists are a positive reflection on Nevada's state employee workforce. Participation with clinicians to be active with individuals receiving services with the state of Nevada, and ensuring that treatment plans are followed according to program orders. Writing detailed reports that entail specific and accurate details of all incidents contained within the shift. All reports are legal documents. Transportation of clients of various legal statuses to medical and misc. appointments. Use of mechanical restraints incorporated to ensure the safety of client, and the safety of the general public. Running programs for clients with various mental illnesses to assist with quality of life while incarcerated. Detailed statistics recorded during programs to assist clinicians with competency reports for court purposes. 

Aug 2010Aug 2014

Forensic Specialist 3

Lakes Crossing Center 

Job description and duties identical to that of a Forensic Specialist 2 with the addition of shift lead training. A Forensic Specialist 3 is trained to act as shift supervisor in the absence of one as needed. An acting shift supervisor is responsible for the forensic staff on shift, and the clients receiving services in a maximum security setting. 

Aug 2009Aug 2010

Forensic Specialist 2

Lakes Crossing Center 

Working in direct contact with incarcerated mental health clients that are court ordered to be evaluated for competency. Keeping detailed records for clinicians to use with making competency decisions. Logging information into the AVATAR system for digital information storage. Provide visitation for the community to incarcerated mental health clients. Perform pat searches on citizens for contraband, and possible weapons to ensure the safety and security of the institution. Operating a complex "control" room that cycles every secure door within the facility. Taking phone calls, and keeping close watch on forensic and clinical staff that are in the secure area with mental health clients. Taking phone calls from the public while minding HIP PA confidentiality. Transporting mental health clients to the hospital and using mechanical restraints to ensure the safety of the public by keeping clients secure and in state custody. Participation in a treatment team where weekly notes and observations are reviewed to make alterations to a mental health client's treatment plans.

Aug 2008Aug 2009

Forensic Specialist 1

Lakes Crossing Center 

Perform a combination of security and client/inmate care duties in a high security mental health facility at a trainee level.

Jan 2006Aug 2008

Developmental Support Technician 

Sierra Regional Center 

Provide individual and group clinical, developmental and support services for individuals of all ages who have, or who may be at risk for, developmental delays, developmental disabilities, intellectual disabilities or related conditions, and social, emotional, and/or behavioral disorders.


Aug 2013Present

Criminal Justice 

University of Nevada 

Nearly 80 credits completed towards achieving a bachelors degree from the University of Nevada.  


English and some Spanish 
Law Enforcement or Criminal Justice Agency experience.
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Word, Nevada Employee Action and Timekeeping System (NEATS)
Administrative and Clerical 
Copy Machine, Customer Service, Data Entry, Fax Machine Multi-line Telephone, Personal Computer, Preparing Legal Documents, Printer.


May 2009Present

Category 3 Peace Officer 

Department of Corrections 
Successful completion of the 8 week correctional officer training program(PST). Sworn in on May 15, 2009. Badge number 314. 


Steven O'Brien FSIV

Direct supervisor for 5 years at LCC  (775)-688-1900

Dr. Betsy Neighbors 

Director of Lakes Crossing Center  (775)-688-1900

Eric Kellermeyer FS4 

Direct supervisor for over 1 year.  (775) 240-5272

Justin Gosser SRCO

Co-worker for 6.5 years at Lakes Crossing (775) 688-1900 ext. 6