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Full Name: Seah Si Yi (Samuel)

Date of Birth: 26 May 1987

Age: 22 Years old.

Citizen: Singaporean

I am a highly charged individual with work experiences in many different areas.

Trained in marketing skills and media knowledge know hows, i have established a good rapport of friends and networks in certain key areas like events marketing, the building material industry, shipping and some acquaintances in media advertising.

Having grown up, following my family on extensive business trips to Spain, Korea, and other Asia Pacific countries, i have had the invaluable lesson of many different cultural exchanges and business dealings.

Sharing my experiences would be enticing, but even more motivating is the prospect of working and learning from you.

Having tasted some success in my earlier endeavours, i have no doubt that i can contribute positively to any organisation that fits the skillsets which i am trained in.

Marketing and business exchanges are my strong points, and hopefully they too become part of yours when we embark on a mutually benefiting work relationship.

Warm Regards,

Si Yi Seah, Samuel

Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Commerce student

University of Western Australia
Jul 2007May 2009

Compulsory National Service

Singapore Armed Forces
  • Held various roles in different units and training schools.
  • Responsible for the welfare of company soldiers.
  • Well commended by superiors for dedication and leadership qualities.
  • Exemplinary conduct awarded for national service. 
May 2006Nov 2006

Events Co-ordinator

Sentosa Events Department

Scored an internship at Singapore's premier resort island, Sentosa, as an events co-ordinator.

Worked with events executive to manage large scale events like the:

  • International Swiss Beach Volleyball games 2006
  • Balloon Hat Festival 2006, following Guinness book of record attempt.
  • And other large scale events like the Arabian Nights series and movies by the beach.

Was highly commended by the publishing media of "Family" magazine, Singapore Press Holdings.


Apr 2008Present

Undergraduate in Bachelors of Commerce

University of Western Australia

Transferred from the University of Western Australia, Offshore, program at Singapore, PSB academy, to the campus at Crawley, Western Australia.

Awarded credit exemption for Year 1 and continued Year 2, Semester 2 at the Crawley Campus, Western Australia

Jul 2004Feb 2007

Diploma in Media Studies and Management

Nanyang Polytechnic

Joined various competition in Management Games in 2004 and 2005. Highest attained level: Last Group of 8 before being eliminated.

Handled various studio projects. Directing/producing and creating various concepts for early NYPTV studio productions.

Excelled in Public Relations and Communication Management assessment and Integrated Projects which encompasses concepting successful, novelty media business idea.

Participated in Business school team Debates and awarded 1st runner up.



Linked various opportunities with ESPN and other program related activities to myself.

Imparted in-depth knowledge into media production work.

Genevive Lim

Guided me through many events project and introduced me to several key marketing personnels.

Superior at my internship program at Sentosa, Singapore.

Siew Lee Soo

Introduced many media personnels and channel representative for our first hand interaction and learning.


Spanish Language
Lived in Spain for a short while from the end of April 2004 - the begining of June, 2004. Practise some Spanish occasionally with spanish friends online.   Was taught in a private tution center in Villareal, Spain, on the basics of the Spanish language. Acquired Formal Certificate in Lower-Intermediate Spanish in Las-Lilas language School, Singapore.  
Video Production, manipulation and image editing.
Am able to understand the ongoing's of studio production, basic film production, camera angles, concepts, editing, lighting and other media related skills including writing a Press statement. Able to edit images, video footages and basic sound and music manipulation.
Personal Communication
Developed 1 to 1, personal communication through media training and interview sessions. Able to hold a good conversation across a wide range of topics. Developed further through meetings with father's customer clients and bosses.




Jun 2007Present

Diploma in Media Studies and Management

Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore.